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Due to high order volume and COVID-19, some items may have longer than normal delivery times. Learn More

10 Tips to Small Space Living

10 Tips to Small Space Living

Small space living is all about finding more space where others may not see it and choosing furniture that can act as multiple pieces. It's about finding ways to be creative with your designs and make even the smallest space feel like a home. These 10 tips will help make your small space feel larger.

  1. Furniture that does double duty

    When you are living in a small apartment or studio It's a must to have furniture pieces that can serve multiple purposes.
  2. Color can grow or shrink your space

    Remember when looking at colors for your walls, furniture, and any other large items choosing darker colors is going to make an already small room smaller. Choose lighter and brighter colors to make your space feel larger.
  3. Window treatments can make a road seem larger

    Instead of just putting your window treatments the size of the window they are covering, make them floor-to-ceiling to give the room a larger feel.
  4. Mirrors  give the illusion of more space

    Using large wall mirrors and leaning mirrors can give the feel of a room being larger.
  5. Don't let your space get cluttered

    Clutter is the killer of any small space living. Make sure everything has a place and always gets put back in its place.
  6. Use large statement art pieces

    Using your walls to show your style with large art pieces adds an interesting design to your home without using floor space.
  7. Cleaning is even more important

    Dirt and dust build up in a small space home even faster because there are less places for it to go. Make a cleaning schedule to keep the dirt in check.
  8. Be creative

    Just because you live in a small space doesn't mean that you can't get statement pieces that show your design.
  9. Storage

    Use pieces like benches and ottomans for both design and storage.
  10. Plan your space

    Use our AFW Space Planner tool to help you plan out exactly where you are going to put everything before you actually place large items. This way you can visually see and move around items before doing all the heavy lifting and shopping.

Here are a few bonus ideas for your small space living.

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