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Due to high order volume and COVID-19, some items may have longer than normal delivery times. Learn More

Creating a Colorful and Inspiring Craft Space

Creating a Colorful and Inspiring Craft Space

Create a craft space that’s both functional and inspiring to work in! Here’s how we created this bright and colorful craft corner with an industrial twist.

Lots of light

Craft space with windows and lamp

We started by choosing to create our craft space in a corner that receives plenty of natural light from two large windows. Ample light is necessary for seeing details and avoiding eyestrain when you’re crafting, and natural daylight is ideal for accurately seeing colors. We also placed a stylish arc lamp in the corner behind the desk to provide light when daylight isn’t available. Its three bulbs provide more light than a standard single-bulb floor lamp and it adds a great vintage industrial touch to the space.

A spacious workspace

Vintage-industrial desk and chair

An essential component of a craft space is a work surface for you to craft on. We chose an vintage-industrial desk for this with a hefty wood top and a sturdy metal base. Not only does it add industrial attitude to the space to give it personality, it has a large surface so you can spread your supplies out as you work. We paired the desk with a blue retro metal café chair to stick with the vintage-industrial look.

Smart, stylish storage

Vintage storage console with wooden crates hanging above it

Smart storage is crucial in a craft room because you need a way to keep your supplies organized and easy to access. We used a vintage storage console with a wooden top and nine spacious metal drawers to add tons of storage space and make it easy to find just what you’re looking for. We also thought outside the box and hung wooden crates on the wall to create open storage. Not only do the crates add extra storage without taking up precious floor space, they also keep the supplies on display. For even more storage, we placed a bench with hidden storage in its seat underneath one of the windows.

Tons of fun

Colorful pillows and rug

While your craft space definitely needs to be functional, it should also be inspirational and inviting. That’s why we added tons of cheerful color and texture to the space with a colorful area rug, pillows, and other accessories in a fresh aqua, orange, and beige color palette. We even worked our supplies into our decor by displaying yarn that matches our rug and pillows!

By combining a strategic location, a generous work surface, smart storage, and colorful touches, you can create a craft space that is both functional and enjoyable to work in.

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