A Reading Nook Two Ways

A Reading Nook Two Ways

When it’s time to decorate your reading nook, think beyond the books to create a cozy space that fits your style. Here’s how we created two completely different looks using the same grey bookcase.

Simple and Neutral

Simple and neutral reading nook

For the first look, we created a simple and elegant design that makes the bookcase—and the family photos and unique artwork it holds—the focal point of the room. To do this, we started by choosing a rug with an abstract pattern and a neutral color palette of charcoal, grey, and cream. We carried this neutral color palette into the grey loveseat as well as the throw pillows and blanket. The simple, industrial-inspired cocktail table pairs a grey finish with metal construction for a little extra interest.

Neutral bookcase

On the bookcase itself, we chose fairly neutral decor so that there wouldn’t be anything to distract from the family photos. We started by turning the books on the shelf so that the pages are facing outward for a neutral, uniform look that doesn’t compete with the photos for attention. Next, we added in metallic starburst orbs for a little shine that harmonized with our neutral color palette. We also layered in some faux onion grass, which works with the bamboo planters beside the shelf to add a natural, textural element that keeps the space from feeling sterile.

One-of-a-Kind Eclectic

Eclectic one-of-a-kind reading nook

For our second look, we created a design that uses an explosion of color and texture to create a one-of-a-kind look. As with the first room, we started with the rug. For this look we chose a rug that pairs a modern, geometric pattern with a vibrant palette of orange, rust, cream, aqua and teal. We carried the bold color into the teal mid-century modern accent chairs and paired them with a ton of texture in the form of an orange faux-feather pillow and a cream and gray faux fur throw. A vintage floor lamp behind one of the chairs fits in with the retro vibe of the chairs while also serving as a reading light.

Eclectic bookcase

On the bookcase, we combined a variety of vases in earthy tones and vibrant blues and greens with plenty of faux greenery for extra pops of color and texture. To maximize the effect, we also went ahead and arranged the books in color-coordinated stacks that show off the hues on the spines.

Whether you prefer a reading nook with a simple look that keeps the focus on precious family photos or thrive when you’re surrounded by a one-of-a-kind riot of color and texture, it’s easy create a reading nook that reflects your personal sense of style.