How To Prep Your Patio For The Off-Season

How To Prep Your Patio For The Off-Season

Fall is here, and that means that it’s time to start prepping your patio for the off-season. Properly winterizing your patio will ensure that it stays in good shape for seasons to come by following this patio checklist.

How to Prep Your Patio for FallCover Your Patio Furniture

The easiest way to keep your patio furniture (and your fire pit) looking like new year-round is to cover it when it’s not in use. You can either use a patio furniture cover or you simply keep your patio furniture under a canopy. Covering your furniture, especially furniture made with resin wicker, protects it from the sun’s harsh UV rays, snow, and other factors that can shorten the life of your furniture.

How to Prep Your Patio for FallClean Your Patio Furniture

It’s a fact: if something sits outside all the time, it’s going to get dirty. Before you put your patio furniture away for the season, take the time to clean it so that it will be fresh for next year. Wash the cushions with a mild soap and allow them to dry completely before you store them. Wash frames by hosing them down with water and allowing them to dry completely before covering them with a patio furniture cover.

How to Prep Your Patio for FallBring Cushions and Your Umbrella Inside

If your patio furniture has cushions, fall is the time to bring them inside and store them someplace dry. Leaving them exposed to the elements can cause unnecessary weathering on even the most weather-resistant cushions. It’s also important to bring your patio umbrella inside, even if it has a cover. Any water that gets inside the folds of the umbrella’s canopy and freezes will damage the umbrella.

How to Prep Your Patio for FallStack Your Chairs

If you have chairs that can stack, go ahead and stack them to save space!

How to Prep Your Patio for FallEmbrace Your Fire Pit

While the temperatures are dropping, that doesn’t mean that you need to stop enjoying your patio altogether. Stretch your patio season a little longer with a fire pit that is perfect for keeping everyone cozy while they toast marshmallows and enjoy the crisp fall air.


Getting your patio ready for the off-season just in time for a stretch of beautiful weather, remember that it’s always possible to set things up, enjoy the weather, and then put things away again.

Taking the time to get your patio furniture ready for the off season by covering it, cleaning it, storing your cushions and umbrella inside, stacking your chairs, and embracing your fire pit will allow you to enjoy your patio furniture for years to come.