Designer's Den | New Style Just for You!

Designer's Den | New Style Just for You!

Furniture changes the look and feel of a room just by existing in the space. Your home can go from bachelor/bachelorette pad to structured space with the addition of a coffee table and some accents, or a new sofa style.

This one’s for all of you Sophisticated Sallys and Formal Freds. The designers in AFW’s design studio are bringing you this upholstery set and it’s giving some serious sophisticated and refined vibes. 

Color options and texture

Calais Collection from Elements Furniture is available in two color options; royal blue or light gray. This sofa set is for those of you who prefer classy sitting rooms over casual comfy hang out areas. 

Modern blue sofaModern grey sofa- The Calais Collection

Velvety textures with sharp angles help to provide a more refined set. This group is perfect for a living room, entry room, or even the love seat and accent chair could look amazing in a home office! 

Fill the space

A couple of simple ways to bring your space together is to add a coffee table and a rug. Nesting coffee tables like the ones pictured below are currently IN and here to stay for a while.

Mirror top nesting coffee tables

They work great because they can be used as a statement piece emphasizing the mirror tops on them, or the tables can be used functionally to hold your accessories, mugs, and coffee table books.

Modern & soft rug

A soft rug with a minimalist pattern can help to soften up the sophisticated look.

Blue or gray, the Calais Collection will have your space feeling calm, cool, and collected. 

Shop the Calais Collection, and hundreds more, only at AFW showrooms, and

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