Learn the Lingo: Types of Furniture

Learn the Lingo: Types of Furniture
American Furniture Warehouse offers several types of stylish furniture. Many pieces are so unique that the markings and variances in pieces that you see in the store may not look exactly like the product you receive in your order. This isn’t a quality issue but speaks to the remarkable character of its construction. These types of furniture require extra care to preserve their look, and lack of protection can quickly lead to damage that can be mistaken for poor quality.
We have information tags posted throughout our stores that explain specific product information.

Let’s review those tags below:

Solid Wood Furniture

Solid wood is lumber that has been cut directly from trees, not manufactured from composites like fiberboard or plywood.

Solid wood remains a superior investment for many consumers as the longest-lasting furniture. You may remember the oak table that grandma had, or the wood armoire that seemed to be around forever.

It’s important to remember that because solid wood does come directly from trees, each piece will have different color shadings than the floor model you saw at the store. Solid wood also requires extra care and attention, including more dusting and using tablecloths and placements to protect it from liquids and food.

Wood also swells in high humidity and can shrink in low humidity. A humidifier or dehumidifier can help if you live in an extreme climate, like Arizona and Colorado where it’s dry or Texas where it can get humid. We recommend never storing wood furniture in basements or attics where the climate can be unpredictable.

Pine Furniture

Pine furniture comes from a softwood tree, making it softer and more lightweight than other woods, like oak.

Pine furniture is durable and strong, but tends to dent and scratch very easily.

Some consumers new to pine mistakenly think they’ve received a poor-quality product when they didn’t know that pine is a beautiful, sensitive wood. Pine also tends to be lighter in color, making it more vulnerable to stains.

This wood is popular in kid bedroom sets due to being lighter and cost-friendly, but parents should take special note of this tag when shopping at AFW to make the best decision and avoid surprises.

Rustic Furniture 

Rustic furniture is beautifully constructed as an intentionally rugged, organic look.

It’s made to look cozy and comfortable while functionally celebrating the natural elements the piece is made of.

This design is purposely distressed and has an antique appearance in finish.

Rustic design can be captured in tables, bedroom sets, benches, lamps, shelves, photo frames, cabinets, and more.

Marble Top 

Marble adds a classic elegance and tone to furniture.

It has stylish gradients and multiple patterns, with a soft, smooth finish that can pair with any décor.

Marble is a natural stone product and variations in pattern, texture, or color are inherent in the material. These features enhance the natural beauty of the stone and aren’t reflective or poor-quality.

Marble has many advantages worth the investment, but also needs maintenance to get the most of it.

For marble top, we recommend using placemats and coasters on tables to avoid scratches and stains. Protect the surface from hot or cold items. Wipe spills immediately, especially coffee, wine, and vegetable juice.


Vintage-style Furniture 

Vintage-style furniture uniquely pays homage to the antiques and artistry of the 20th-century.

Known for its aged and distressed design, each piece is custom with cracks, uneven paint, and dents that give it its warm and weathered signature.

This furniture should also be treated with care, including regular dusting using a dry, soft cloth.

There are several types of furniture that can make your home feel brand new! The key is having a basic understanding before your purchase to ensure you make the best style selection for your family's needs and lifestyle. 

Still need help understanding furniture? Stop in to chat with our home furnishing consultants or check out our other blogs below!