Recliners 101

Recliners 101

Football season is here, and there’s no better spot to watch the game at home than in a comfy recliner. There are loads of different types of recliners out there, so here’s a quick overview to help you find the recliner that’s right for you.

Before jumping into the different types of recliners, here’s a rundown of some different features that you can find in almost all the recliner categories.

Wall-saver: Conventional recliners can’t be positioned too close to the wall because the back of the recliner will hit the wall when the chair reclines. Wall-saver recliners have a special reclining mechanism that slides the seat and back forward as the chair reclines so you can place it much closer to the wall. This makes wall-saver recliners a good choice for those with limited space.

Lay-flat: The seat and back of a lay-flat recliner allows you to recline to a totally flat position that’s great for taking an afternoon siesta.

Glider or Rocker: Glider or rocker recliners offer a relaxing gliding or rocking motion when in an upright position. If you enjoy the motion of a rocking chair but want the comfort of a recliner, this is a great option.

Manual Recliner

Manual recliner

Manual recliners are a classic for a reason. They offer tons of comfort and come in a variety of styles, all with a tried-and-true manual reclining mechanism that you operate by pulling a lever or release trigger. Aside from the main reclining functionality, some recliners also include the ability to swivel, wall-saver capability, the ability to lay flat, or the ability to glide or rock. Unlike power recliners, they don’t need to be positioned near a wall outlet or require a battery pack to operate.

Power Recliner

Power recliner

If you’re looking for a feature-packed seat, a power recliner might be right for you. Power recliners frequently offer more than just reclining functionality at the touch of a button; some also offer a power adjustable headrest, power adjustable lumbar, USB charging, or cinematic LED lighting. Other extra features include handy storage and cup holders that are perfect for keeping drinks at hand while relaxing. If you’re considering a power recliner, remember that power recliners require a power source to recline and must be plugged into a wall outlet or attached to a rechargeable battery pack.

Push Back Recliner

Push back recliner

If you have a smaller space or would prefer a sleeker look than a conventional recliner, a push back recliner might be right for you. Like the name suggests, you operate the reclining mechanism by pushing on the seat back to recline. This unique reclining mechanism means that the recliner doesn’t require any levers or trigger mechanisms, allowing the recliner to look like a typical arm chair. Because of their classic armchair silhouette, push back recliners do not typically offer features other than reclining.

Lift Chair

Lift chair

While a lift chair may not immediately come to mind when thinking of recliners, lift chairs are a great option for those with physical limitations or those who are looking for some unique comfort options. As their name suggests, lift chairs help users transition from a seated position to a standing position by slowly lifting up and tilting forward. Aside from this core function, lift chairs also include a power reclining function—some lift chairs even have dual-motor reclining mechanisms to allow you to operate the footrest and back of the lift chair independently to find the most comfortable position for you. More advanced lift chairs offer even more comfort options, like heat and massage capabilities to soothe sore muscles. If you haven’t been shopping for lift chairs in a while, you might be surprised to see that they are now just as fashionable as other reclining chairs and come in a variety of styles.

Understanding the different features of manual recliners, power recliners, push back recliners, and lift chairs will help you to select the recliner that best fits your needs so you can enjoy football season to the fullest.