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Glendale, AZ Showroom

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5801 N 99th Ave
Glendale, AZ 85305
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Glendale, AZ Showroom

American Furniture Warehouse Glendale, AZ

The Glendale American Furniture Warehouse is across from University of Phoenix Stadium (home of the Arizona Cardinals). Customers enjoy the largest selection of quality, stylish home furnishings and accessories at the lowest prices anywhere, anytime. AFW has the largest selection of furniture under one roof in the United States — not just Arizona. American Furniture Warehouse keeps costs low, so customers enjoy not only unmatched quality, but also unbeatable savings on brand-name furniture. Stop by Glendale's AFW and browse our huge selection. Sales staff are knowledgeable and can accommodate for our Spanish speaking customers. We are proud to offer the best shopping experience in Arizona.

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Store Reviews

(100 reviews)
7/20/2024 4:52:57 AM
By Anthony Lal
Cheap prices good customer service not much else to say
7/19/2024 8:01:25 PM
By Jackie Word
Your drivers need serous driving skills.
7/19/2024 3:22:51 AM
By Tim Diehl
They are happy to take your money but after that if there is a problem you are screwed, this place sucks, I highly recommend you go somewhere else
7/19/2024 1:17:55 AM
By firstof9 (Chris N)
Samantha was great, she helped us find exactly what we were looking for.
7/18/2024 10:28:23 PM
By Marissa Quihuis
7/16/2024 5:37:10 PM
By carmen arriola
We should have known that we were going to get screwed from the beginning. We bought a sectional on 6/1/24 and they were supposed to be delivered a couple days after. When the delivery guys showed up they said that they had loaded the wrong set, the set they had in their truck was used but we could keep them if i wanted them. Obviously said no to the used set since we paid for new ones and that wouldn’t make sense, the new set again was supposed to be delivered in another couple of days. We got the new set, however, the couches started to peal every where soon after we got them. Started the warranty process online because they have no actual person that you can talk to, and nothing no one has called to resolve this issue. We went to the actual store but they said to follow the process on line. I have sent 4 different claims in the last couple of weeks and still nothing, no one calls or emails back. Meanwhile, the couch keeps pealing and just looks horrible, definitely not worth the money we paid. The sectional did not even last a month and now we’re stuck with them because no one has the courtesy to even check on the warranty claims so what’s the point of even selling a warranty? Definitely only to take your money and not to actually use it.
7/16/2024 8:45:07 PM
By David Karber
Great selection, staff every where ready to help. Prices are very competitive.
7/16/2024 6:06:33 AM
By Jennifer Guerrero
7/16/2024 1:57:59 AM
By Norbert Eichman
I have l been long Living Space customer. I came across AFW online because they had some Ashley furniture that I like at very low price versus the Ashley store. Long story short the furniture was damaged on delivery they did every they could for me to accept the furniture the way it was by offering me a 10% discount on a $2000 order. I told them I wanted a replacement in which they ignored my request for over two weeks until they receive credit card dispute and that's when they finally contacted me to resolve my issues. Cheaper is always not the better. It's having a trust worthy company that stands behind what they sale
7/13/2024 8:06:28 PM
By Tamara Crews
So much cheaper than going to Lazy Boy and better quality.
7/11/2024 8:33:40 PM
By F K
First time here, and it felt like I had on a ghost outfit on. Worker's walk pass me or should I say vortures 🦅 . I was gonna walk out, but enough is enough. A salesperson walked up and spoke to me, and HE had VERY good customer service. It's funny how the salespeople don't know if you can afford anything in their store. He made me feel welcome he was able to grab what I came in for.
7/10/2024 4:02:57 PM
By Alexander Perez
7/10/2024 4:36:53 AM
By Divya Ramachandran
7/8/2024 4:12:40 PM
By James
Went on a hunt to furnish our new house. The first time we came in Zach said hi to us and told us if we need anything just to find him. We had other people following and wouldn’t back off while we tried to make our decision. Zach checked in with us a few times and was able to answer all questions! He has been amazing on all 3 visits! Thanks again Zach. You will for ever be our go to person there.
7/8/2024 3:15:08 PM
By Jill Vizcaino
My husband and I both took the day off of work to get our table put in the house and they were lost so they called us for directions we sent them directions. They turned around and canceled our order. I will never order from American home furniture again I do not recommend this company.
7/7/2024 4:55:03 PM
By Mario Guidos
My wife bought two sets of living room sofas one for every living Room and also bought extra pillows for the sofas two of them are ript already call customer support for a refund because I think the manufactur are not good so I'm afraid the same thing is going to happen to the others and is been less than 30 days customer support is giving me a hard time they want me to send pictures of them thru a email I send the pictures they replied to my pictures saying they can send a technician to see them I'm not happy with all this..this is ridiculous because my wife didn't spend $200 or $500 dlls.
7/6/2024 7:42:13 PM
By Ashmita Thapa
7/5/2024 6:51:14 PM
By Trinity Higbee
7/2/2024 11:18:15 PM
By Kim Wellborn
I've bought furniture from AFW for 20 years, maybe longer. The couch we bought in April will be the last thing we buy from them. The frame is bent so badly that sitting on one end lifts the other end. They want to repair it instead of replace it, 3-6 months for the part to arrive. I tried to reason with the warranty service agent, but there is no reason involved in this process. I told her we're likely doing more damage to the couch by sitting on it while waiting for the repair, and I also think that fixing the frame won't fix all of the problems with the couch. I can't imagine what they will do once they figure out that the couch can't be fixed... Their warranty service people are rude from the moment they answer the phone. I'm guessing from the reviews on here that they deal with people frustrated by their policies all day long - it honestly sounds like they are reading a script. They used to be a great company, now they sell substandard furniture and provide terrible service. You might pay more somewhere else, but you'll get more for your money.
7/1/2024 12:18:06 AM
By William Lyons
6/30/2024 6:24:41 PM
By Julie Ash
6/30/2024 2:58:02 PM
By Nicole A.
We had a great experience today at AFW Glendale! Robyn was amazing in helping us to pick out the perfect loveseat and went above and beyond to find us one that we could get by this Friday as we are having company over - even though it didn’t look like there was one in stock initially. Great service and quality, thank you!!!
6/29/2024 1:11:13 AM
By Gerrie Cortes
Bought a house worth of furniture. Love that place
6/28/2024 12:19:56 AM
By Lori V
6/27/2024 12:27:55 AM
By Scholarly Solutions
Love American Furniture Warehouse! Even if you can afford more, why spend it when there are so many WOW options at AFW?!? Shout-out to Briana M. and Alyssa S. who helped me tremendously on 06/10/24. They researched 2 items I was so wanting to buy; tried to find out when they might become available. Today, Briana called me to update me on the item! I was so pleasantly surprised because I was going to call in another 2 weeks or so based on initial estimated timeline, but Briana beat me to it! I am SO grateful for both of these employees going above and beyond to help me acquire these 2 items. I still don't know if I'll be able to get them, but the customer service from these 2 employees is what has so impressed me! THANK YOU, Briana M. and Alyssa S.
6/26/2024 10:43:35 PM
By Marylou Hart
My experience at American Furniture Warehouse was great! I was able to take my time looking around without any pushy salesperson following me around. If I did have a question it was very easy to find an associate for help. The delivery team is also amazing .They are professional, careful, and quick.
6/26/2024 8:59:09 PM
By Debra Sorger
6/26/2024 8:05:53 PM
By Pakalana Kaneta-Nobriga
Sonia helped us with our furniture selections. She was very helpful and informative. All of our furniture were delivered and assembled within two days. Aaron Spencer and Mario Fergusson were in and out with delivery. I do believe they knocked down our mailbox, but other than that everything was good. Prices were unbelievable !
6/26/2024 1:37:08 AM
By Adam
We have been coming to this location for years. We even have an AFW credit card that we will be canceling. Talisha was the “customer service” agent who made this experience awful. Came in on my birthday to buy a new recliner and we were met with her attitude and lack of care about the entire situation. I asked for the manager “John” card. When we walked out I realized she gave me a card for Wells Fargo. We have spent thousands of dollars at this location and will not do so again. Please read this before wasting your time coming in. To the owners response: While your generic response may appease most, it will not do so here. If your company wanted to make things right you would have reached out to us. You have our information, and zero attempts to correct the situation. We have since made a large investment with a competitor and will continue to encourage others to do the same. Hopefully then your attention to detail and ensuring your customers, especially your credit card holding customers, will not have to deal with your inappropriate and disrespectful employees and leadership team.
6/25/2024 2:49:29 PM
By Boby Jose
I recently visited American Furniture store at Glendale and had an absolutely wonderful experience. From the moment I walked in, I was greeted by friendly and knowledgeable staff who made me feel welcomed. I was particularly impressed by the variety of styles available, from modern to classic, ensuring there was something for every taste. The sales associate who assisted me, Mr. Melvin was incredibly helpful and patient, answering all my questions and providing valuable insights without ever making me feel pressured to buy. After carefully considering my options, I decided to purchase 2 sofa and 1 loveseat .The checkout process was smooth and efficient. Overall, my experience at the store exceeded my expectations. The combination of exceptional customer service, diverse product range, and quality craftsmanship makes this store my go-to for any future furniture needs. Highly recommend!
6/23/2024 2:06:32 AM
By John Bowen
The store the furniture the help all very good . Just hope you don't need help with a problem . We've by AFW rules emailed them 3 times about our cabinet separating at the top right hand corner. Zero response from AFW . There are alot of choices in the valley to buy furniture, Customer service can set a storeapart from all the rest. AfW doesn't live by this rule! Good luck . John Bowen
6/22/2024 9:46:19 PM
By Jennipher Alvarez
AFW is our only choice by choice for furniture! Customer service is amazing and the only thing better is the pricing!
6/22/2024 3:30:08 AM
By Leela Martinez
Very great experience been coming too this location for a while and i’ve always worked with Monica! She’s a great associate and not too pushy and very helpful, thank you Monica for always giving me and my family 5+ star service !!
6/20/2024 10:23:25 PM
By Elvalou Abello
6/20/2024 3:35:52 AM
By Bob M
6/19/2024 7:21:36 PM
By Lulu Wells
American Furniture, great to do business with. I highly recommend.
6/18/2024 9:51:50 PM
By Becky Copeland
6/19/2024 5:49:38 PM
By Vern Ellicott
6/19/2024 12:27:28 AM
By John Kalbfleisch
6/19/2024 12:58:06 AM
By Brenda Turner
Coko was very attentive and answered all of our questions. She helped us pick out a bedroom set and mattress. Coko is knowledgeable about the different types of mattresses and what would be best to sleep on after surgery. She did an outstanding job and we want to thank her. Coko is definitely a keeper.
6/20/2024 5:49:21 PM
By Daniel Oquendo
Whenever I purchase furniture from AFW, it is always delivered when promised and if there are any issues, it is handled promptly.
6/18/2024 11:04:00 PM
By Rick Hughes
Professional, friendly and zero pressure throughout the whole process from purchase through delivery
6/19/2024 5:46:28 PM
By Tey Panlilio Guda Tongol
6/19/2024 2:41:13 PM
By Colleen Gumm
First visit to AFW - Surprise, and won’t be the last! Great people, quality of goods, and quick delivery.
6/18/2024 7:49:21 PM
By Noami Hernandez
6/18/2024 6:42:31 PM
By Wilbert nicolin
Purchased furniture, returning was the worst ever took almost 14 days to returning plus the changes 15%to returning fee don't buy fron then
6/18/2024 5:31:08 PM
By Julie Flaim
Great experience in srltore with Lyna Great prices Great delivery
6/18/2024 5:29:46 PM
6/18/2024 4:47:37 PM
By mccarquisola
6/18/2024 12:54:06 PM
By Terry L
6/17/2024 11:57:39 PM
By Ana Polanco
The sales person was excellent we talk like we know each for long time he was very good and recommended me the product I was looking for thank goodness for sales people like him I will recommend him to my families and friends
6/17/2024 11:18:23 PM
By Kimberline Chavez
6/17/2024 7:34:47 PM
By Dianne Brady
It was fun working with Daniel. I was very impressed with his knowledge of the inventory & the quality of the pieces we chose. I loved that everyrhing was in stock & delivered in only two days!
1/11/2023 8:35:10 PM
By John Shoff
So glad I finally bought a new recliner. I believe I made the perfect choice. I’m really enjoying it.
6/17/2024 7:27:22 PM
By Ron Smith
6/17/2024 7:20:04 PM
By Russell Bentley
6/17/2024 6:03:50 PM
By Rod Gaines
Everything arrived as purchased and it looks amazing.
6/17/2024 5:48:05 PM
By Brandy James
Glendale AFW Kenya was awesome to work with!! Thanks for all your hard work. See you next time.
6/17/2024 4:47:44 PM
By Tony Kostelac
Just got my new office furniture delivered. Can’t wait to get setup.
6/17/2024 4:22:40 PM
By vik
6/16/2024 11:02:12 PM
By Alicia Peterson
6/16/2024 7:41:33 PM
By Mary Cooper
6/16/2024 7:00:06 PM
By Roy Skinner
I am so happy! Very Satisfied! Thanks Kent, & AFW for our new furniture! This is a Father’s Day I will continue to enjoy every day for many years.
6/16/2024 6:32:43 PM
By Chad Morrow
6/16/2024 5:26:14 PM
By Elena Morrison
I always have a great experience with AFW. I shop to get all my furniture here never disappoints. Staff are very helpful and knowledgeable in products.
6/16/2024 1:02:40 AM
By Jose Luis Gonzalez (El Rayo)
Muy buen servicio de los empleados tanto de la tienda como de los que entregan a domicilio y los precios muy bien, recomendado 💯%
6/15/2024 6:34:26 PM
By Chea Kostbar
6/15/2024 5:53:36 PM
By Jesus Collantes
6/15/2024 2:53:44 AM
By Sean Warren
6/14/2024 10:17:23 PM
By liliana del carmen iniguez cardenas
Me encantan mis nuevos sillones gracias muy cómodos, buena calidad a buen precio. Los chicos de la entrega muy amables y cuidadosos.
6/14/2024 10:18:34 PM
By Monique Owens
6/14/2024 9:36:26 PM
By Thomas Day
6/14/2024 8:38:09 PM
By jen jourdin
10/28/2021 3:47:54 PM
By Steven Schulman
6/14/2024 5:57:53 PM
By Greg Johns
Jonathan was very helpful on more than one occasion.
6/14/2024 4:29:46 PM
By Diana Gonzalez
Amazing service all around. From showroom to delivery. Thank you AFW!!
6/14/2024 4:16:29 PM
By April Schaar
Guys we’re very nice, fast and did great, furniture feels amazing and looks great
6/14/2024 3:47:20 PM
By Ashley
It was a painless purchase. A sales person approached me once they saw me staying at a paticular sofa. They did not follow me around or harass me but waited until they saw I was interested. She was very helpful. It was a fast sale and they delivered within 2 days. The deliver guys were also very nice and according to my 10 yr old lightening fast.
6/14/2024 3:24:04 PM
By Jessica Suarez
Great service!
6/14/2024 3:57:51 AM
By Eric Stockhausen
6/13/2024 11:34:05 PM
By Jeremy Reygaert
6/13/2024 10:32:47 PM
By Evelyn Boling
The people were very helpful and nice.
6/13/2024 9:11:04 PM
By Rabecca Coronado
6/13/2024 9:01:48 PM
By Wilfredo Quintero
Muy buena atención rapidez de entrega y más lo recomiendo al 💯
6/13/2024 8:08:56 PM
By john morris
6/13/2024 7:21:46 PM
By Barb Chadwick
6/13/2024 4:38:37 PM
By Carol Segneri
6/13/2024 4:30:10 PM
By Lesilia Foster
6/13/2024 3:55:08 PM
By Gilberto Garcia
Enjoy doing business with AFW. We have purchased many items from here and love the service and quality of their products.
6/13/2024 3:16:37 PM
By John Lopuszanski
Communication on the delivery was very professional and prompt. Delivery personnel were very well mannered and personable. Can’t ask for anything more than what American Furniture Warehouse delivered.
6/12/2024 10:15:56 PM
By Adrion Whitaker
6/12/2024 8:06:43 PM
By Gladys Ware
The men put the bed frame together professionally and were courteous.
6/12/2024 6:01:13 PM
By Leslie Cunday
The entire process was a breeze. Matt inside the store was super friendly and helpful. The delivery guys were fast and efficient. They even set up the furniture which I wasn’t expecting but was super grateful for.
6/12/2024 5:14:33 PM
By Kelly Florke
American Furniture has exceptional inventory and seasoned sales staff. Their professionalism and willingness to accommodate our delivery timeline was especially helpful. Terry was very helpful at the point of sale, but his follow through after the sale to arrange for remote payment and delivery was very much appreciated.
6/12/2024 3:19:36 PM
By Corey Bradford
Great environment Great products and great prices 👍🏾
6/12/2024 2:04:32 AM
6/11/2024 9:59:18 PM
By Lee Yacuel
Robert the Wizard provided outstanding, knowledgeable, and efficient customer service.
6/11/2024 9:16:23 PM
By Anthony Contreras
6/11/2024 8:49:36 PM
By Jeanne Fata
6/11/2024 8:08:16 PM
By jordan jaques