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Colorado Springs, CO Showroom
2805 N Chestnut St
Colorado Springs, CO 80907
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  • Monday: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
  • Tuesday: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
  • Thursday: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
  • Friday: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
  • Saturday: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
  • Sunday: 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Pickup hours start at 10 AM.

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Colorado Springs

2805 N Chestnut St
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Store Reviews

(100 reviews)
4/10/2024 1:10:24 AM
By Tyler Feldman
4/10/2024 12:22:31 AM
By Jimmy James
4/8/2024 6:29:30 PM
By Stacey
The delivery guys were here right on time. They were professional, friendly and fast.
4/6/2024 2:30:25 PM
By kylee kutney
Josh and Derek were fast and efficient with delivery ! Very polite gentleman. We love our new sectional ! Highly recommend American furniture warehouse in Englewood Co .
4/5/2024 6:57:37 PM
By Sammy
Great experience. Prices were great the employees were very nice and super helpful. Went in on a Wednesday and received our furniture by Friday! When they delivered our things they were fast and super friendly. Very happy with how everything arrived.
4/4/2024 9:54:59 PM
By Chris Schreck
4/3/2024 7:52:11 PM
By Linda Saville Bryant
4/3/2024 3:36:59 PM
By B Reyes
Great customer service from in-store to delivery!
3/28/2024 11:06:22 PM
By Anna Medina
I recently purchased a nice leather sofa, love seat and side tables! I also purchased a dresser. If you want quality leather furniture, this is the right place! They offer excellent prices and delivered my furniture on time!
3/28/2024 7:55:59 PM
By Bart
As always, exceptional customer service and amazing selection, and a delicious food court and place to rest your feet. The guys and gals doing the loading dock services were also friendly and professional. 5 Thumbs Up!
3/26/2024 2:36:36 PM
By Zach & Paola McGowan
After 3 hours and a half in this store we found what we wanted and they made it so easy and simple to purchase and get delivered seriously it was the best purchase.
3/25/2024 4:59:03 PM
By Audrey Allen
Delivery was on time, very fast service and drivers were respectful!
3/23/2024 9:57:04 PM
By Adam McRae
3/21/2024 7:16:27 PM
By Suki Ko
3/15/2024 6:05:26 PM
By Meg Provencher
3/14/2024 1:40:04 PM
By Bonnie Madril
3/12/2024 4:41:46 AM
By Dylan
The staff are all very kind. Beautiful showroom that makes for nice weekend shopping. The prices make for a good buy, I left with a smile
3/10/2024 5:02:24 PM
By Bryan Jensen
Horrible quality. Looks good on the show room floor, but when it's delivered, the product is garbage - just give it a few weeks! The delivery guys were nice, but tracked in mud during the install (maybe consider wearing booties, or laying additional carpet down, so this doesn't happen). We had a couch that had USB chargers (USB & USB-C), but after a week, didn't work. They agreed to replace the sections of the couch that with a completely new section, but the replacement didn't have a USB-C chargers, so they agreed to dump off another couch sections with USB-C ports. Within one month we've already had two new couch's, however, the cushion wedge piece (only piece that wasn't replaced) is clearly deflated relative to the new pieces that were replaced. Also one can clearly see the new vs. old creases in the cloth. It's junk!!! They agreed to now refund the entire amount, except the delivery fee of $95. One would think that after all the back-and-forth, and having to wait around for the delivery drivers to pickup and deliver new pieces (having to take PTO to do this) they would just refund the $95 delivery fee, but they didn't. I will say that the customer service was awesome (they do hire great staff), however, this doesn't ameliorate their policy & quality of the product. Therefore 1-star.
3/10/2024 1:45:55 AM
By Rick Smiley
3/9/2024 10:27:49 PM
By John Klein
Best furniture store in the springs
3/8/2024 8:54:59 PM
By Jenny C
Darren is the best! His top notch recommendations helped us get the perfect bedroom set. Give Darren a raise - we'll be back because of him!
3/8/2024 12:21:49 AM
By Michael Freauff Jr.
3/6/2024 11:06:00 AM
By Christopher Shabazz
These people have that hurry up and buy attitude didn't care for this place at all 4 thumbs down !
3/3/2024 7:02:14 PM
By Allie Henagan
I bought a couch set in July of 22 and before April of 23 the back of the couch had caved in and hangs lower than the rest. Now the other couch is starting to do the same- Very low quality furniture. Only my husband and I live at my home so it’s not like it’s overused. Just spend the extra money and go somewhere else!
3/2/2024 6:40:25 AM
By Bill and Marion Ford
2/24/2024 8:26:55 PM
By R Huertas
You ahould hure more employyes like tevin,on time,extreemly pleasant. Ty tevin
11/7/2022 4:01:45 AM
By Gus M
Having bad luck with tv cabinet. First attempt to pick up, unit was damaged. Reordered, and tried to pick up again. It was damaged worse than the first. Decided to try a third time. We shall see. The guys at the pick up area are very nice and polite.
2/20/2024 10:02:38 PM
By Isela
amazing furniture for a great price! i love all my furniture from here and the delivery process is easy and great!
2/20/2024 7:37:03 PM
By Marah Rose-Rawe
Furniture and prices are great. Service? Not so much. I guess I don't look like I have any money to spend.
2/20/2024 5:50:25 PM
By Mike Smart
An agent from afw came to my house and said your motor is out.we will order you a new one or get you a new chair.month goes by and nothing. I call and they didn't order the motor.then I was told bring the chair and we'll trade.I get there and will not replace. I'm 100%disabled for life and I shouldn't be moving recliners,I had no one to help me so I did it because I have nothing to sit 0n.Now it's been 3 months and no chair.I called again and still didn't order my motor..I've been disrespected before, just not this bad when it's this important.
2/20/2024 3:48:12 PM
By Derrick Steadman
excellent Quality and prices!!
2/18/2024 2:34:53 PM
By Benita Lovato
After our recent house fire we needed to rebuild our lives from square one. We heard positive experiences from loved ones about AFW. So we visited the Colorado Springs showroom. Our showroom experience lived up to those recommendations. Anthony was our sales representative and was incredible. He was helpful, attentive to detail and specs, available for questions but not overbearing. He gave us space and direction and made helpful suggestions. Couldn't have asked for a better in person experience. We purachsed our livining room, bedroom, and kids bedroom furniture in whole. All was set to be delieveres to Northern NM but they only come out once a month. So we waited the 2 weeks. Anthony included details of our home and the location in the snowy canyon of Taos, NM. Come delivery day we experienced the worst customer service imaginable. Schedule delivery window was 1-5pm by 12 we were contacted by the drivers stating that they had already been by and would not be completeimg the delivery as they felt unsafe with the snowpack and bridge on the property. Despite shoveling and salting the driveway areas as instructed we were told that the delivery would be canceled. My husband tried reasoning with them repeatedly as he is an experienced CDL driver and even tried to show them that there was plenty of room 48ft to be exact from the road to park their 40ft box truck without ever even crossing our snowpacked but cleaned and salted bridge which was their primary concern. They still refused and stated they could reattempt the delivery March 10th a month later. We shared our dire situation and need for furniture as we had nothing in our new rental after the home fire, they did not care, told us to call customer service and cancel the order and left. When we called customer service we were greeted by Sochee, this woman laughed, sighed, and was incredibly unprofessional as she navigated through our complaint and concern. When we asked about canceling and getting a refund she said she could but would not refund us for the delivery and set up fee which was just below $500. We asked repeatedly to speak with the delivery manager multiple times whom she kept referencing, she said he refused to talk to us also. There was no delivery, nor setup and so we were beyond unhappy to still be charged that fee. We sent pictures of the straight, cleared, and salted driveway, still nothing. We called customer service back after she hung up on us and got Kathy who was more empathetic to the situation. Kathy offered to get the truck sent back to a location in town proper if we could secure a trailer or truck to get the furniture off of. We did just that based off of our desperation and true need for the items, at this point we regretted ever doing buisness with AFW. Fast forward to the trailer now being fully loaded down. My husband's and I then had to unload every single item and he was handed multiple small bags of hardware and a quick 3 minute explanation that the dressers would be hard to put together and there was no instructions for any of the items because usally they put them together themselvew. He was told to call customer service with any issues he might experience and they could try to walk him through set up on the phone. When we did we were given an $80 refund for out troubles, despite delivery and set up costs being just under $500. If you are not in a dire situation like we were, we highly recommed you take your buisness elsewhere as the customer service from their customer service and delivery team were horrible and still leave us holding our heads wondering how on earth any of this happened.
2/18/2024 12:29:45 PM
By Anthony
BUYER BEWARE: Product is garbage. Delivered a defective couch to me. I told them immediately and I was told it would break in and cushions would fill themselves in. Then the delivery people installed them in the wrong direction , They had every excuse under the sun saying it wasn't defective. Months later it got worst and they are telling me there is nothing that can be done cause I live our of state. Unless I want losing hundreds of dollars. They shouldnt be delivering out of state if they won't stand behind their product. $2000 down the toilet. Complete trash!
2/16/2024 5:16:22 PM
By Jesse Morehouse
Sales and delivery folks were all a real pleasure to work with. Prices were extremely competitive and delivery with assembly was very reasonably priced. Choices were great. Highly recommended!
2/16/2024 4:50:28 AM
By Suzanne Wesson
2/12/2024 4:08:35 PM
The person helping me was courteous and respectful. Took care of ordering the furniture and delivery was great. The delivery people came in and put everything together like the professionals that they are. Excellent service and I fully recommend buying at American Furniture Wearhouse.
2/9/2024 8:59:06 PM
By Gary Thompson
This is a fun place, lots to see, open late, very large, prices seem fair for the quality.
2/7/2024 3:58:12 AM
By AMber Castro
2/3/2024 3:27:29 PM
By Elena Tooley-Prater
2/2/2024 8:32:10 PM
By Joyce Chavez
I needed a new chair. Decided on a rocker recliner to replace old worn out regular chair. Good selection, good prices, was on sale too.
2/2/2024 1:26:33 AM
By Mike C
Great selection, decent prices, delivery and setup were convenient and fast
1/29/2024 5:52:34 PM
By T Hall
If you like cheap low quality furniture, this is the place. Horrible service with warranty issues. Avoid.
1/28/2024 6:08:26 PM
By marty brandt
1/28/2024 2:54:41 PM
By Sweetie
This store has a little of everything! Working on a budget, no problem! Wanna ball out on nice furniture, no problem! The quiet thing about this place is the sales reps and how they jump all over you. I personally look for what I want to purchase and then find a sales rep who hasn’t pounced on me, one who hasn’t been nasty when I’m just looking. They get commission based off sales, so watch it. I love the variety in furniture. I love how it’s all displayed. They even have cleaners walking around cleaning to keep the place spotless! I’ve purchased here about 3 times now and am happy every time. I’ve had a few issues and had to send back future that was damaged but it wasn’t the drivers fault. They fix any issues and make sure you are happy. Definitely recommend!!!
1/27/2024 11:01:51 PM
By John Goode
1/25/2024 4:14:01 AM
By Daniel Copeland
1/23/2024 1:27:24 PM
By Joseph Francis
Found what we were looking for and very helpful salesperson, Amanda
1/23/2024 12:26:19 AM
By Elisabeth Scanlon
As always, amazing experience coming here. Bob took amazing care of us. We were looking to make an upgrade on our bed, and he helped us find the perfect mattress and perfect frame, without trying to push us. We truly felt like he was helping us find what would be best for us. He got us set up with delivery, and even made sure they would take care of our old mattress and box springs. Delivery went smoothly too, there was a little bit of a hiccup with the time of delivery, but the driver got it all sorted out for us. I can't believe how fast they were to set everything up.
1/19/2024 5:24:18 PM
By Carolyn Inge-stevens
Are favored places to buy furnitures
1/17/2024 3:08:08 PM
By Evans Love
Sales and delivery guys were awesome. But AFW has literally the worst delivery scheduling system. If upper management reads this, fix your policy to allow customers to determine when they want their purchases delivered.
1/15/2024 7:55:27 PM
By Meagan T
I purchased two of the Healthcare Memory foam mattresses. This was after research and asking peoples opinions. One for myself and the other for my aging parents. Needless to say after a very short 18 month period we got rid of them. American Furniture warehouse is amazing at selling and that is where the buck stops. We went through all the rigmarole to have their mattress warranty department contact us and deny our claim. They said the uncomfortable mattresses were well within the wear limits of the product. Their customer service manager then proceeded to tell me to sell the mattresses on facebook marketplace at a mark up or what I paid for them so I could reselect mattresses. He then proceeded to tell me they do not get complaints on these mattresses. Then said they were not for everyone. I submitted a factual review to their website and they will not post it. After having extensive care at a Chiropractor, I caution anyone to do some more research before purchasing a mattress from American Furniture Warehouse. * This business also moderates their online reviews on their personal website. Not a great way to show your customers true reviews of the products.
1/14/2024 5:31:25 AM
By SilkHyperFox PE
This place is nice with some respectful staff. No pressure to pick something quick
1/13/2024 1:52:12 PM
By Ronald Paris
I found great prices on their furniture, unfortunately I was visiting from out of town. I couldn't get anything.
1/13/2024 5:35:17 AM
By Scarlett Johnson
I love this store! A lot to choose from, clean, friendly staff and even a food stand. Have bought from this store and always had quality and excellent service.
1/9/2024 7:17:41 PM
By Sheri L
Horrible! The experience was ok, but they sell junk. Staples sticking out the top of my couch!! They never got back to me about it. Dangerous!! So, disappointed! I'll never buy from them again. Screw missing from my daughter's bed, too. They left it that way too.
10/8/2020 3:27:35 PM
By Catrina Thomas
We had a very bad experience with them during covid times and it took them five months to completely deliver our order for a bedroom set. But we decided to give them another shot when we needed a new living room set. They were absolutely fantastic and the delivery went on time and the delivery men were so fast and efficient. We couldn't be more pleased.
1/8/2024 6:19:49 PM
By Jephthah Decker
Amazing customer service! Couldn't have been happier with our purchase. Had an issue with a small cut in the couch. I contacted customer service that day, spoke to a live person immediately and they had the issue resolved within 10 minutes! Got a replacement couch the next business day. AFW went above and beyond our expectations! Highly recommend!
1/1/2024 5:23:28 PM
By Nick D
Stop disconnecting my phone calls. You might get any extra star or two. What's up with these orders taking so long?
1/1/2024 4:18:15 AM
By Patrick DeFile
Half my stools seem to have been slightly damaged displays and also don't really match. Same thing with the second set shipped from Denver.
12/31/2023 7:55:44 PM
By Ariana Livermore
12/31/2023 7:43:21 PM
By Christine B
Went in today to buy a couch because I finally have a day off and you can't take anything home today. Huge store and nothing is for sale??? What's the point? Really lazy snotty staff too. Cash in my pocket ... Sad...
12/29/2023 8:33:01 PM
By Nathan aumiller
12/29/2023 1:01:15 AM
By Mike Golden
12/28/2023 11:25:05 PM
By Amanda Maneck
12/26/2023 11:26:25 PM
By Nerofamily
Buyer beware! Spent $2,800 on a leather sectional and the arm rest caved in a few months later. I had to drive it to Denver from Colorado Springs to get it fixed. They fixed the framing, but said the line in the leather from the frame collapsing was from wear & tear. Now I'm left with a couch that after six months is blemished and everytime I look at it I'm frustrated. I'll never buy furniture from AFW again.
12/23/2023 1:03:07 AM
By Alex Hiesiger
Everyone is always so helpful!
12/22/2023 3:05:03 PM
By Amanda Tolles
Absolutely wonderful experience. From time I purchased the couch to delivery was less than 36 hours. Ordered right before Christmas so I wasn't sure I'd have it in time, which was ok but they exceeded all my expectations. Delivery was prompt and fast. Jose and his partner communicated well with each other ensuring their own safety and that furniture nor my house were damaged. They arrived on time and we're in and out within 10 minutes.
12/22/2023 6:57:49 AM
By Steve Sterling
Good selection of the type of living room furniture we were looking for. Outstanding help from our sales associate, Amanda Thornton - knowledgeable, patient, pleasant. If it’s five stars, give her six!
12/20/2023 1:51:24 PM
By Brittany Mcswain
The whole experience was great! Suzanne was so nice and made the whole purchasing process quick. There were a lot of options for delivery and of coarse I chose the soonest, but when the day came the guys kept me updated and were quick and efficient. They made sure I liked the set up which I appreciated because I’m pregnant. I will continue to go to AFW for our furniture needs!
12/20/2023 7:10:00 AM
By stephanie attipoe
12/20/2023 3:17:34 AM
By Malissa Benson
12/19/2023 5:57:23 PM
By Kenny Jones
Furniture for everyone, that Jake is one fun guy!
12/17/2023 5:17:19 AM
By Kurt Aichele
12/15/2023 7:01:17 PM
By oscar bautista
Yohali García es la mejor .ella nos ayudó muchísimo tiene un buen trato se las recomiendo
12/14/2023 5:48:33 AM
By TuRonda Johnson
No pressure. My sales associate Katherine S. was wonderful. Didn't make me feel rushed to make a decision. Great experience!
12/13/2023 3:48:13 PM
By Angela Dwyer
Buyer beware. We have shopped this store and spent thousands of dollars furnishing our home from AFW. If you purchase a piece that fails in quality before the warranty is up, they are hard pressed satisfying your purchase. They want to repair it (if possible); in my case it wasn't repairable and they blamed me for misuse/neglect (which is laughable if you saw how much this table is used.) I am disappointed the outcome was not different and no replies since. It's clearly a manufacturing defect. Since they won't stand behind their furniture, I won't either. So, my most recent purchase did not come from here and I will continue to take my business elsewhere moving forward. If you want quality furniture that will last a long time, this is not the store for you. If you need furniture to get you by, just beware it won't last long.
12/11/2023 8:51:07 PM
By Tab Jewell
We bought a 4K sectional and ottoman. Wonderful sales woman Janica. We paid $300 for delivery. The delivery came today, the drivers came, the delivery person was extremely rude, told us he was going to call customer service because it snowed (2 days ago) and said they can’t deliver so we said okay just drop it off on the blankets we laid out and we will bring in ourselves. They LEFT and called someone to have us reschedule and said they “can’t” leave it for us to do. We are not driving 45 mins one way to go pick this up. We canceled and will NEVER recommended them. Customer service is terrible, delivery driver/person terrible. Only person who was good in the transaction was Janica.
12/6/2023 9:13:20 PM
By Bryan Jose Gonzalez Nieves
My experience compare to the other reviews was great. Susan helped me get everything I needed.
12/6/2023 3:35:35 AM
By Eva Feva
Lots of nice fruniture if you're rich!
12/4/2023 10:54:18 PM
By Gavin White
Purchased a couch and immediately after delivery had to call for repair due to one of the recliners hanging loosely off the couch. Two years later, the staples holding the framework together in the same couch have come undone and that side of the couch is totally unstable. Contacted customer service with a repair inquiry and have not received a response after 5 days. Edit: AFW took a month of giving me the runaround via email just to tell me they could charge me to send out a technician. They ruined a Christmas surprise by calling the wrong number and waiting until 12/28 to even offer a solution, then blamed me for why they ruined the surprise. I hired a different service technician who confirmed that the couch was poorly assembled and that hardware essential to the stability of the couch was never properly installed. Very disappointed by the poor customer service, lack of ownership of the issue, and poor craftsmanship. I've had thrift stores couches last longer than the couch they sold us. Will not be doing any further business with AFW.
12/4/2023 3:11:45 PM
By Brandon Dunagan
The worst place to buy furniture was waiting 30 minutes in the store for somebody to even acknowledge me to sell me a couch I then was told that I had to spend over $600 (the supposed minimum which the bank Wells Fargo said was just a selling tactic.) just to get the purchase added to a previous credit account I already had. Then when there was a defect on the couch that I bought customer service was extremely terrible when handling the situation. I am still in the horrible process of trying to get somebody to accept a warranty on a defective couch they sold me. I will never come here again.
12/1/2023 6:23:49 PM
By Duke Thompson
Darin was very helpful throughout selecting the recliner and working through the process of contacting distribution to return a previous chair. Great guy!!!
11/27/2023 5:40:30 PM
By Jaret Moore
Garbage customer service. Thanks rose ill go some where else. Horrible customer service to hang up on some one.
11/27/2023 5:41:38 PM
By Nova Darkmoon
Ill never use this place again. Had to talk to a girl named rose who was very rude. I was going to buy a very expensive couch and now will be not.
11/26/2023 8:10:53 PM
By Markilla Smith
A lot of variety in the store...they have layaway but it's only for 2 weeks....
11/25/2023 4:20:01 AM
By Corey Hartley
Multiple sofas listed in stock online and viewable in Springs, but website will not allow Colorado Springs pickup. The only options being drive to Denver for pickup or pay $89 for delivery seems wrong
11/24/2023 4:05:38 PM
By Robert
Great products, but even better delivery people. AFW's delivery teams are nothing short of phenomenal. I truly hope AFW pays these teams well as they are more the face of AFW than even your in store associates, and they do the legit "heavy lifting".
11/22/2023 1:15:26 AM
By Trish Steele
Pickup process ABSOLUTELY SUCKS. No way to schedule it or even use an app to indicate you’re on your way. You have to first go into the store (ridiculous step), then sit in your car and wait more than 30 minutes until they’re ready. The in-store process wasn’t much better. Workers were sitting around playing on their phones and grouped up in the back chatting instead of being spread out trying to help customers.
11/22/2023 12:53:30 AM
By Meghan Laraine
Love the prices here, and the sales staff are very helpful, honest with fees, tax, etc. and attentive to your needs and questions - Dirk was great when I finally decided to purchase! I'll be back soon for more home upgrades - highly recommend.
11/21/2023 12:04:56 AM
By Mary Manuel
Helpful when we needed to find someone and left us alone when we needed to browse
11/20/2023 5:08:22 AM
By Laura Rightmyer
Lots nice furniture & home decor, good prices. Semi friendly, semi helpful employees.
11/18/2023 7:39:22 PM
By Deborah Kasper-Twiss
Got exactly what we were looking for, efficient checkout and friendly service.
11/18/2023 1:39:55 AM
By Kurt Gnoske
Staff here is friendly and helpful.
11/17/2023 1:43:11 AM
By Making Waves Fitness Waves
11/16/2023 12:45:38 AM
By Sarah
Great customer service. Can be a little intense on the sale sometimes. But very attentive to my needs. I've always liked the furniture we have found here.
11/10/2023 9:28:53 PM
By Norman Avery
11/9/2023 11:00:47 PM
By Steven Aldrich
Our home is filled with AFW furniture - living room dining room and bedroom and guest room.
11/7/2023 11:57:42 PM
By Randy Schatz
Bought dresser sets there that are total “Garbage” call all stores what they really are “JAKES JUNK” you will regret any purchases you do there!!!
11/6/2023 6:19:22 PM
By Flakita Cortes
We bought some armchairs, the man who served us in the store was very kind and explained everything well to us, but the day the armchairs arrived at home one of the workers was upset, when they brought the armchairs in they broke one of my figures that are outside and Neither of the two employees said sorry, ma'am, he fell, on the contrary they just pushed him aside and left. I think they should be a little kinder, I received them well and with friendly treatment.
11/6/2023 1:13:23 AM
By James Lisi
Assembly required with table purchased. All parts were included! Very easy to assemble, Great looking table. Customer service was excellent! Highly recommend AFW!

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