Englewood, CO

Englewood, CO

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Englewood, CO
8820 American Way
Englewood, CO 80112
(303) 799-9044 Get Directions

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  • Monday: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
  • Tuesday: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
  • Thursday: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
  • Friday: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
  • Saturday: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
  • Sunday: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Pickup hours start at 10 AM.

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8820 American Way
Englewood, CO 80112
(303) 799-9044 See Store Details


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Aurora, CO 80012
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Lakewood, CO 80123
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Store Reviews

(100 reviews)
4/12/2024 11:37:53 AM
By Chris Wilson
4/12/2024 3:15:32 AM
By Tatyana Alishina
Very polite
4/11/2024 7:42:29 PM
By Justin Jacobs
You go to ikea for the experience and not the quality, you get both at AFW! Fell in LOVE with a couch the minute I walked in and had it delivered a few days later. Delivery was quick, communicative, and easy! Thank you Carlos! FYI they don’t take your old couch but that’s an easy enough fix :)
4/10/2024 4:53:29 PM
By Ghiami Tony
4/10/2024 2:50:52 PM
By Scott Liston
4/10/2024 2:15:55 PM
By Susan Miranda
Had a great experience. Aaron was very helpful and worked with us and is a great person to work with 😊 and will go back.
4/10/2024 2:20:13 PM
By Sandra Jaquez
4/10/2024 5:03:11 AM
By Jessica Shipman
4/10/2024 12:42:38 AM
By Robert Martinez
Very helpful and patient and very knowledgeable about their products
4/9/2024 8:33:28 PM
By Linda H.
4/8/2024 7:17:39 PM
By Hero Nguyen
We walked around for a good 30-45 minutes on a Saturday taking our time making sure to check all of our available options. We settled on a display toward the front. As if reading our minds, Daniel approached us. But before we even settled on the sectional set, Daniel made sure to show us all possible options including some of the cheaper options. We thought we would need the 5 piece for our living room, but Daniel made sure to check out the measurements and glad we decided to go with the 4 piece. Furniture arrived today and it was a tight fit for 4. The sales team works on commission but not once did Daniel made us feel pressured. We actually came the night before and there were about 8 "red shirts" and not a single one acknowledged us. I told my wife we would come back the next day and the first person to help us is going to get a sale. Kudos to Daniel for a great and easy experience.
4/8/2024 7:04:08 PM
By Nicki
Tim was an amazing salesperson to work with!! He went above & beyond!! Our delivery men were professional, courteous, and helpful!! One item came damaged but it was taken back & the situation was handled absolutely perfectly!! Much thanks!!!
4/8/2024 5:37:00 PM
By Mayte Menchaca
4/8/2024 5:40:09 PM
By Bill Clark
The experience of both the sale and the delivery of my purchase were extremely easy, and I am very pleased with the product and the professional way both the sales person and the delivery person handled the transaction in a friendly, helpful, and professional manner. This was a very good choice on my part.
4/8/2024 5:21:41 PM
By Lizz Gray
4/8/2024 4:13:34 PM
By Michelle Mountfort
We bought beautiful furniture for our new home. In the store, Roger was excellent and knowledgeable. The delivery team was quick and professional. They placed everything perfectly for us.
4/7/2024 9:02:11 PM
By Lindsey Brock
I walked in to American furniture warehouse thinking I wasn't gonna be able to afford anything too nice!🤭 But low and behold, there was a very nice man that took me straight to what I was looking for and showed me a few different recliners and love seats! After about an hour and a half cause there is so much to choose from and prices are great , I left their pretty darn happy!
4/7/2024 7:58:28 PM
By Elisabeth
4/6/2024 11:16:14 PM
By Wendy Lexa
4/6/2024 8:37:35 PM
By Charlie Gibbons
Thomas was very helpful and polite, got me what I needed efficiently. Thanks man!
4/6/2024 5:57:51 PM
By Dwayne Torres
Delivery was a breeze. Happy with our purchases. Thanks.
4/6/2024 5:17:35 PM
By Norman Koury
4/6/2024 4:13:57 PM
By James Churgovich
Great service. Went above and beyond.
4/6/2024 3:57:16 PM
By Joan Ryan
4/6/2024 2:25:22 PM
By kylee kutney
Josh and Derek were amazing ! Fast and efficient! We love our sectional !
4/6/2024 2:10:05 PM
By Beth
Always outstanding service - the best of the best!
4/6/2024 2:09:21 AM
By L Mahone
4/5/2024 7:09:44 PM
By Carolyne Ochieng'
4/5/2024 4:57:33 PM
By Lucy Torelli
I was quite pleased with the two gentlemen who delivered my furniture.they were courteous and friendly and handle our furniture with care. They also made sure everything worked. Very pleased with it every thing and we're on time
4/5/2024 4:16:12 PM
By Michael Lobach
4/5/2024 1:58:53 AM
By Linda Covert
the experience at the showroom was great. The couch we received was damaged, they came out to repair, decided it needed replacing and we have not heard anything else about replacing it. Would really like to get this resolved asap. I kept getting recorded messages on the phone, never was able to speak to a person.
4/4/2024 8:10:45 PM
By Terri Epperson
We didn’t have the easiest access for the delivery. We just bought this mountain cabin and didn’t realize that there was a branch that kept them from backing up, closer to the door. They quickly got to work delivering our sofa sleeper, entertainment center, 3 beds and frames, and 4 big chairs. Done in just 30 minutes! These guys were polite and fast. Could not have gone any better.
4/4/2024 7:47:38 PM
By Dave Huffman
Polite and respectful.
4/4/2024 7:22:38 PM
By Keri P
No pressure, friendly and helpful atmosphere.
4/4/2024 5:12:43 PM
By Ann Andersen
The delivery men kept me informed as they progressed to my apartment and the delivery was perfect! They know what they are doing!
4/4/2024 3:20:31 PM
By carmen are
4/4/2024 3:03:50 PM
By David Tobe
Delivery was quick and the men who delivered my items handled them with care. The service in the store was excellent and I was able to get all my questions answered and get everything arranged perfectly.
4/4/2024 2:34:09 PM
By Delia Valdez
4/3/2024 8:25:42 PM
By shukre
great service and price. great delivery process.
4/3/2024 6:36:41 PM
By ekisha franklin
Awesome customer service
5/3/2023 5:35:56 PM
By Juliana Thomas
4/3/2024 5:00:55 PM
By DaeZhanae Brooks
4/3/2024 2:05:31 PM
By Klara Townsend
4/3/2024 2:06:24 AM
By Diana Blankenshipp
4/3/2024 1:29:43 AM
By Doug Bouman
Some good deals, also great place to ride the escalators with your two year old grandson while Grammy spends money!
4/2/2024 6:51:01 PM
By Kurt Wollenweber
The delivery of my bedroom and living room was on time and professionally done. Outstanding!
4/2/2024 6:30:11 PM
By dee Bowman
4/2/2024 5:00:26 PM
By Big Pauly
4/2/2024 2:56:49 PM
By jenny Alvarez
I love my new couch set, AFW was great from the the showroom to delivery everything worked well delivery was on time and their delivery guys were very polite and helpful. I will definitely buy more furniture from them!!
4/1/2024 11:36:12 PM
By Donna Daniels
Best recliner I've EVER bought! I'm a nurse; I work long hrs(12).. The recliner is SO comfortable that I SLEEP in it when I come home after work! Great purchase!!
4/1/2024 9:29:37 PM
By Pablo Villa
Just buy here honestly
4/1/2024 8:48:30 PM
By Cheryl Giambrone
My husband and I love Sena!! She is articulate, knowledgeable, will find answers if she doesn’t have them, returns calls immediately or as soon as she is able, gives excellent feedback and is always on time. She is a sweetheart!!
4/1/2024 7:45:54 PM
By Benjamin Papet
Great pricing and staff!
4/1/2024 5:49:46 PM
By Natasha T
4/1/2024 5:40:20 PM
By tesfu woldegebriel
4/1/2024 2:06:47 PM
By Darlene Trujillo
The two young gentlemen that delivered and assembled the bed were awesome! Very polite, professional and courteous. Great asset to American Furniture!!
3/30/2024 9:05:41 PM
By Tami McCall
Great store with affordable quality furniture and fantastic customer service.
3/30/2024 5:07:18 PM
By Deb S
I am always satisfied with purchases and the service from the delivery and all team members.
3/30/2024 4:19:22 PM
By Shelly O
3/30/2024 4:21:11 PM
By Erik notAHero
3/30/2024 3:40:23 PM
By Kevin Mechenbier
3/29/2024 9:14:47 PM
By Michael Annucci
Great prices and delivery!
3/29/2024 2:51:01 AM
By Rachel Walters
3/29/2024 1:33:41 AM
By Bob Clark
3/28/2024 10:03:19 PM
By Danielle LeBlanc
3/28/2024 9:34:47 PM
By John Mauser
The size of the store is overwhelming, but the breadth of stock makes it worth it.
3/28/2024 7:06:33 PM
By Abhishek Sharma
3/28/2024 2:06:37 PM
By D G
3/28/2024 5:58:25 AM
By John Martinez
Great prices and delivery service. Will definitely come back and I wholeheartedly recommend them.
3/27/2024 7:41:52 PM
By Halley Guard
3/27/2024 6:54:33 PM
By Patricia Bennett
3/27/2024 6:42:26 PM
By Irene Arndt
Amazing delivery and warranty service. And customer service is also excellent. Products vary in quality. Choices are good.
3/27/2024 6:33:29 PM
By Mark Dauber
Good on time service
3/27/2024 5:19:07 PM
By Scott Cone
3/26/2024 6:07:34 PM
By Tim Whalen
What can I say, ordered new patio furniture on Sunday and it was delivered on Tuesday thanks American furniture warehouse!
3/26/2024 5:52:40 PM
3/26/2024 3:57:37 PM
By Mbolatiana Toko
3/25/2024 7:35:29 PM
By Ivan Williams
3/25/2024 6:56:38 PM
By Beverly “Forbiddentiger” Brindisi
3/25/2024 6:24:05 PM
By Ana Ramirez
3/25/2024 4:12:37 PM
By Bob C
Delivery was great accident mark no on condition of turn everything was perfect
3/25/2024 3:09:24 PM
By Angelica Quijada
3/24/2024 11:04:04 PM
By Don Bartling
3/24/2024 10:30:36 PM
By Kevin Stewart
Good prices. Professional delivery service. Nice furniture.
3/24/2024 6:38:30 PM
By Andrew Caylor
It was hard to find some tables that were made out of actual wood, but the pieces I did end up getting were solidly built. it was easy to get everything loaded in my vehicle. compliments to the folks working in the warehouse who loaded the boxes for me!
3/24/2024 3:52:09 PM
By Joenne Quimby
3/24/2024 2:17:31 PM
By kendra
3/24/2024 1:41:06 PM
By Craig B
love my couch! They were so kind and courteous, even when I messed up my address and had to change things around for delivery! On time, flexible and really kind!
3/24/2024 1:30:11 PM
By Rachel Langston
3/23/2024 4:41:57 PM
By John Duvall
3/23/2024 4:05:08 PM
By Keri Havran
Very professional customer service from looking to delivery!
3/23/2024 2:53:10 PM
By Denise Deese
3/22/2024 6:24:13 PM
By Beth Eisenmann
3/22/2024 2:50:21 PM
By Karen Dowdican
3/22/2024 3:55:43 AM
By Julie Sadr
First of all, ask for Pauline! She is the best sells person. She was very patient with me while I was trying to figure out what I wanted in my family room. Before my order was delivered, I came back to her and bought more items for my home. She was great! I will use her every time. Delivery men that came to my home were very professional. They listened to me and were I wanted everything to be placed. They were very nice and respectful during their time in my home.
3/21/2024 5:52:35 PM
By James Brown
The employees are friendly and helpful. I very much like that they are not pushy salespeople.
3/21/2024 4:58:59 PM
By Lynda Woulf
Great quality! Fast and professional delivery.
3/20/2024 8:14:18 PM
By Orland Yee
Shopping here is like shopping at the goodwill.If they had furniture actually it's not as good as the goodwill if they had furniture
3/20/2024 7:21:32 PM
By Jane Wollenzien
Very satisfied
3/20/2024 6:02:46 PM
By Jen Stamulis

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American Furniture Warehouse Englewood, CO

The American Furniture Warehouse megastore in the South Denver area is your destination for the largest selection of furniture in the Denver Metro area and the state of Colorado. Stop by the Englewood American Furniture Warehouse and browse our huge selection of sectionals, sofas and couches, mattresses, Bedroom furniture, Dining Room furniture, Sofas, Home Office Furniture, Entertainment Centers and so much moreShop the largest selection of quality, stylish home furnishings from brands like Ashley Furniture, Jackson Catnapper, Simmons Beautyrest, and other great brands at the lowest prices anywhere, anytime. What's more, AFW is known to have the largest selection of furniture under one roof in the United States - not just Colorado. American Furniture Warehouse keeps costs low, so customers enjoy not only unmatched quality, but also unbeatable savings on brand-name furniture. . Sales staff are knowledgable and can accommodate for our Spanish speaking customers. We are proud to offer the best furniture shopping experience in Colorado.