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Pickup hours start at 10 AM.

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Fort Collins

625 SW Frontage Rd
Fort Collins, CO 80524
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Store Reviews

(100 reviews)
5/22/2024 1:55:46 PM
By Kris Terpstra
We needed new furniture for our new home and we had no idea where to start. We went to AFW to start looking and ran into Lindsay. I can't begin to say how glad that we did. She listened to our concerns, gave us many options and before we knew it, it all came together as you can see from the pictures. Thank you so much Lindsay! Our new home is beautiful!
5/19/2024 8:09:09 PM
By Royce Schultz
5/3/2024 4:53:28 PM
By Lorraine Paul
Very professional!
5/2/2024 11:00:02 PM
By Larry Harris
Great deals!
5/1/2024 8:56:14 PM
By Juan Partida
Me encanta esta tienda encuentro todo lo que busco y la gente es muy atenta al atender
4/28/2024 8:19:35 PM
By Samantha Twiford
4/27/2024 12:40:14 AM
Always a good experience. Ask for Nicole in sales. She is most excellent!
4/24/2024 9:59:09 PM
By Patrice AFlauneHamilton
Just looking to see our options for furniture. Friendly but not pushy.
4/23/2024 12:07:18 AM
By Old Town Yoga
4/7/2024 9:19:06 PM
By Donald Martinez
4/4/2024 6:20:42 PM
By Jesse Ferreira
4/3/2024 1:41:58 PM
By Chefd Anthony
Save your time and money! Our experience here was absolutely horrible and discriminatory! Our first day we came in to buy a couch, we were told for the financing we needed a different ID, we had an ID from turkey. We explained that my gf was from turkey and didn't have an American ID but had her passport on her phone. They said they needed the physical passport. So the next morning we made the drive from estes park again. Got there and handed the sales person the passport and was told, they only take American passports. This is a government issued ID but since they only work with Americans we were denied service! This is absolutely discrimination! They told us this was a wells Fargo decision, which oddly enough just settled several lawsuits! One for scamming it's own customers and another for discrimination against non white borrowers! I find it interesting this place chooses to use a bank that is constantly in the news for being corrupt and discriminatory! As a veteran this place absolutely disgusted me!! Luckily the place next door welcomes people of all nationalities and races! American furniture should be absolutely ashamed of this practice and policy! Seeing my gf excited for her couch (she is here on asylum, and pays taxes same as any other American) only to be told she can't be helped because she's not from here is a disgrace and not what America was built on! But I guess it's in the name American furniture right?
4/2/2024 5:46:37 PM
By Arzu Karaman
Employees are not knowledgeable and friendly
3/24/2024 11:41:57 PM
By Don Kegerreis
Bought recliners 2 years ago. My wife's recliner frame broke in half last evening. We are retired, normal use, no grandkids etc. No recourse. Past warranty period. Taking to dump and buying higher quality recliner this time from a higher quality store that will stand behind their product. Quite disappointed. 2 star rating is a gift.
3/24/2024 1:50:49 PM
By Jaime Davis
3/19/2024 7:02:57 PM
By Itsover In2020
Great service from the store to ordering and delivery!
3/13/2024 3:53:04 PM
By Erica Wright
3/12/2024 4:49:07 PM
By Dana Piecuch
Elijah was very helpful in helping with my phone order and scheduled delivery of my sectional on the date I requested. He provided thorough information of the ordering and delivery process's. Thank you. I would highly recommend asking for him on your next furniture purchase.
3/12/2024 10:31:15 AM
By Steve Phillips (The Steve)
Got broken feet on my chaise and my armless chair for the sectional and the best they could do was offer $30 and a voided warranty and had to fight to get the feet for one of them but the other still has a broken foot on it.
3/1/2024 11:53:56 PM
By Tammy M
Store sales person was great but the delivery people, manager, and customer service people were horrible. They pulled and delivered the wrong mattress, more expensive than the one we purchased and instead of us getting to keep it with a small discount or working with us for the correct mattress, they started harrasing us non stop, even the delivery driver called my personal number and the manager never contacted me regarding the situation. The ladies that call from customer service are horribly rude, God forbid they admit they did wrong. We cancelled the whole order and now they are trying to charge us the delivery fee still, this is pathetic.
2/27/2024 6:10:05 AM
By Kathy Bonoan
2/25/2024 10:35:16 PM
By Rob Cook
2/19/2024 11:42:17 PM
By Donna Davis-Haddon
Like the pieces we found. We had a gal helping us. Couldn't find her again. If they are commission based, too bad!
2/17/2024 7:45:46 PM
By Justin Daniels
Frank helped me at the store. He provided what I would call excellent customer service which is hard to find now days. The gentlemen that delivered my items did an excellent job. All around great experience.
2/13/2024 11:47:44 PM
By Rich Bila
Average quality... cheap prices... poor inventories.
2/12/2024 9:59:31 PM
By Julie Brown
My salesman was awesome! He was very helpful, knowledgeable & very pleasant to work with. I’ll be back to work with Frank, at the Ft. Collins location, on future purchases!
2/7/2024 10:19:16 PM
By Sonja L. Urano
Fair selection & knowledge staff.
2/2/2024 11:16:56 PM
By David Triebe
1/27/2024 8:54:50 PM
By punkchefnj
1/27/2024 5:23:25 PM
By Douglas Tabor
1/26/2024 7:49:07 PM
By elena nunez
1/22/2024 9:00:53 AM
By Curtis Keahey
1/19/2024 6:27:15 PM
By Kathy Cooney
Happy with product. Great delivery
1/19/2024 5:20:42 PM
By Danyelle Poppe
There is so much more behind this photo than most would think. My fiancé and I were on a spontaneous mission to find new furniture to fill our new home that my Grandmother owned previously. She recently passed away unexpectedly, so the process had been emotionally draining for me. On January 14th, we popped into AFW Firestone location, just to take a look see. We were welcomed by the lovely staff. All so helpful and fun to work with. Matt was awesome. Meeting Jake was just the icing on the cake. Shaking his hand and chatting with him made my whole day, as my future husband just smiled. We are so happy with our purchases and can't wait to make many more memories here in this home of ours. Most people will never hear the story behind needing or wanting new furniture. Ours will forever be held so close to our hearts. Thanks for an awesome experience, great delivery guys, and so much more. We will definitely be back. Happy New Year to you all at AFW! Sincerely, Danyelle Poppe.
1/13/2024 11:45:33 PM
By Garrett Holt
Beer is cold
1/9/2024 1:53:43 AM
By Rossco
1/2/2024 4:57:12 PM
By Jamie Russell
12/30/2023 1:03:50 AM
By Morgan Gilliland
Worst service ever did not tent to us and when we asked for assistance to buy something they never sent anyone. Save your time and go to furniture row they are so much better.
12/28/2023 2:56:18 AM
By Robert Flockhart
Junk furniture and horrible service, lots of better local places to spend your money.
12/25/2023 5:25:58 AM
By Shari Arduini
My husband and I were in need of a sectional couch for our basement that was recently finished. Ricardo helped us and walked around showing us multitude of options while adjusting the choices based on our feedback! He listened to our needs and preferences. He was so professional, knowledgeable, and provided us with the best customer service! We enjoyed working with Ricardo so much and really appreciated his service! Great job, Ricardo!!
12/24/2023 7:01:08 PM
By Scooter T
A pleasant shopping experience, sales people's are not pushy and don't hover while your discussing it with your spouse, or whoever may be with you. Huge selection, we couldn't even see where to go for the table we wanted, had to ask directions to that department.
12/19/2023 7:04:00 PM
By Kaeberle Philips
Paul A. provides one of the best customer service experiences ever. He’s super informative and patient, making the purchasing process easy and enjoyable. A 5 star salesman!
12/11/2023 6:07:08 PM
By Hugh Parman
Visited this location yesterday to look at some furniture, Nick Polland was EXCEPTIONAL help once we decided on a set. The whole experience was hassle free and I will continue to go back for any of our furniture needs. Would recommend to anyone !
12/1/2023 5:24:54 PM
By William Sutton
Paul Johnson and Lauren Maley make the A F Warehouse shopping experience fantastic with their dedication to customer satisfaction!
11/25/2023 8:19:35 AM
By Anthony
Absolutely terrible! Sold me complete garbage and won't stand behind there product. They delivered me a defective couch with huge gaps and won't resolve the issue or return product. They try an blamed the position of the couch. I e switched the position in every which way possible! This couch is complete trash. They also filter their online website reviews as I e tried to post 3 times a 1 star review. Couch is getting worst over time. Luckily my credit card company gave me a full refund. Run from this place as fast as you can!
11/23/2023 6:28:27 PM
By Don Fuller
11/21/2023 2:27:33 PM
By joshua dekreykik
Love this place have a set of 7 year old couches still going strong feel like I can buy with confidence my new couch for my newly finished basement. Delivery is always professional and that’ this is more than I can say for the strip mall place the row of furniture 😂.
11/20/2023 9:29:24 PM
By Rhedyn Wilie
Sam was absolutely amazing! He was so helpful and patient with our family, I cannot give him enough credit it was a wonderful experience. Thank you Sam for putting up with us!
11/20/2023 6:22:53 PM
By Bob Stone
Giant place with tons of variety at decent prices
11/13/2023 8:58:49 PM
By Allan Cummings
Always a great furniture store to visit when looking for new furniture. The sales people are not pushy and the store always has plenty of options to look at.
11/12/2023 3:13:40 PM
By Linda Bottom
11/10/2023 9:48:17 PM
By David Hamel
Love this place !!!
11/10/2023 6:13:23 AM
By Teena Retherford
I HIGHLY recommend 'Kathy' at the Fort Collins location. I was undergoing the daunting task of moving my parents into an assisted living facility. I was not looking forward to shopping here as I had so much on my plate. I was immediately blown away by Kathy's knowledge; it was obvious she enjoyed her job and had been doing it for some time. She gives the words 'customer service' their true meaning. Kathy was SO helpful and saved me so much time. I never dreamed this particular experience could be so quick and easy. I can't thank her enough; I'm truly grateful. She is a HUGE asset to your company! I would also like to recognize Manuel, who delivered the items with his team. He was so pleasant and kind and perfectly on time. He and his team set everything up quickly and thoroughly. Thank you as well!
11/5/2023 11:17:51 PM
By Pat Ciesla
Wasn't planning on buying but found what I was looking for.
11/5/2023 3:44:12 PM
By Matthew Christian
The delivery was prompt and the guys were steller with blanket covering the door and entry.. very courteous and made sure we were completely satisfied.. thank you.
11/3/2023 12:31:14 AM
By Wyatt DeBey
Have bought from here a few times. Just came in today and their computer system was down. I get it. But I was there to exchange a defective product I bought. I live 45 minutes away by the way and i made another trip to return the defective product. They basically told me to go away and didn't make any effort to help me. I approached the warehouse guys outside and they actually helped me. They got my exchange done without a computer. So the absolute garbage employees up front should be fired. The warehouse employees are awesome! Also other times I've been there and wanted to buy something, it was out of stock and I had to go to Thornton. They suck.
11/1/2023 5:06:42 PM
By Sean H.
No pressure from salesperson but someone was always close for any questions. Very helpful and fast.. Not to mention great prices
10/29/2023 8:33:03 PM
By Elizabeth Brazzel
Had lots of really good sales and lots of choices.
10/22/2023 3:37:58 PM
By Morgan Bryant
Sales, delivery team, and customer service were so nice and our couch is amazing!
10/21/2023 3:32:44 PM
By Debi Retterath
10/21/2023 2:56:49 PM
By Leslie Goettsch, Realtor & Foreclosure Specialist
We do buy a lot of furniture here. They have a great selection and good prices. One MAJOR WARNING BEFORE BUYING: Make sure that you check the size color and everything that you like 100% BEFORE you pay because his commercial says they have low returns but it's not because people are satisfied... it's because they make returns extremely difficult and then there is a 15% restock fee. We purchased bar stools only to find out that they were badly damaged once we got them home. They were wobbly, had a busted leg, and look like someone put their hand through the lining under the chair. When we went to return them, they tried to charge us a restock fee! We said you can't restock this and you shouldn't have sold this like this was anyway. So they finally grudgingly waived the restock fee. So just be aware of that they are super friendly when you're buying, but when it comes to returns, it's a totally different story...they don't take kindly to returns.
10/15/2023 12:47:19 AM
By Shawlene Spear
Marcus the sales person in Fort Collins store was fabulous! I told him what my needs were and he was able to find the perfect power lift chair for me to sleep in after surgery! Can't wait to see Marcus again for my next purchase!
10/14/2023 10:59:03 AM
By Dawn Hasley
10/13/2023 12:05:20 AM
By Will Brewer
Really disappointed with the level of customer care, service and product quality. My partner and I spent over $1,000 on a bed frame that was perfect for our small bedroom and which we had hoped would last us for a long time. Right off the bat there were issues with the purchase, we had put in all of our delivery information and the power to the building went out. We were assured that the information would be there once the power came back on. The delivery day came and went and we didn’t hear anything. I called and was told that we would have to wait for another delivery day to get our order. We finally got our frame delivered and built. Not long after that we noticed cracks in the frame, unfortunately life happened and we forgot to call in the defects. I called customer service on September 28th, found out that the frame was still under warranty and that I would need to send pictures of the cracks. I sent the pictures then waited to hear back. Nothing happened. When I did get a reply I was told that I needed to send more pictures. I sent more pictures. No response. I finally called today and was told that the warranty had expired six days prior. I explained that I had reported the issue before the warranty expired and the representative put me on hold to look through the pictures. I was then told that they wouldn’t honor the warranty because the product was being “misused” and because I hadn’t called in the second that the cracks had appeared the defects were caused by “wear and tear and misuse”. I’m really not sure how one would misuse a bed, but my partner and I were using it to sleep on. Anyway I feel as though it was a complete waste of our money and I would strongly caution against buying anything from AFW.
10/11/2023 11:16:44 PM
By Debi Allenson
I found a couch that will work, price was very good. I am just frustrated by the monotonous color choices of all of the furniture. The sales woman I spoke with says that's the millenials color choice is grey. I think a store like yours should be more of a leader to offer more design choices# say something to your manufacturers! Colors are key to all kinds of design! She also told me that management doesn't listen to any sales people, the very ones who are talking to your customers. Wake up and open your ears and your minds! Somebody give this note to dear Jake please. Don't just sit back and be complacent, be the leader you are in this market!
10/11/2023 2:45:29 PM
By summergirl891979
I just saw an AFW delivery truck #1043 in Loveland, Colorado on October 11, 2023 at 8:40 AM the passenger was vaping inside the cab.☹️☹️ Hope none of my furniture smells like that stuff when they deliver!!!
10/10/2023 9:43:19 PM
By Steven Beasley
Great prices for furniture
3/9/2019 7:24:29 PM
By Scott Crichton
1/20/2018 1:34:25 AM
By C Wagner
Great selection. Some of the furniture is made cheaply but the prices are in line with the quality.
3/1/2016 6:32:56 AM
By Daniel Geer
It lasted, 2 years. But, I couldn't even finish building my bed frame because the design and the actual product didn't correctly match. Wasn't the only one, my brother bought one and people from the company came to build it. Said they called the warehouse several times because the instructions were wrong. Now I'm sleeping on my sofa tonight. Which has lasted more than 7 years and guess what, it's the one thing I didn't get from this place. For the bed frame, 2/10 because I was able to use it. But I'm never going back, I'd rather get a new bed from a pawn shop. If it had instructions, at least they would match. How do you mess up a product to the point where you can't attach the headboard to the bed frame? There are no holes but it came with the screws for it. And with 2 bed frames in a row, that's 2 products in a row that could not be put together properly.
2/18/2018 11:36:22 PM
By Karen Morrell
Great service-thanks Nikole for all your help!
3/4/2014 4:41:59 AM
By Stephanie Becker
Although I have ordered furniture from AFW several times in the past and my husband and I have spent $4000.00 with them in the past year and half, my last experience with them will have me never returning. After purchasing a couch, a king mattress, box spring, bed frame, and special order recliner from them in one day, more could not have gone wrong with our order. We were able to finance the entire order, but we would need to arrange two delivery dates because the special order would take 6-8 weeks, although only charged one delivery fee. 4 days after placing the order, the sales rep we had worked with left me a voicemail saying that I needed to pay a portion of the special order recliner up front. When I called back 2 days later to clarify whether this was going to be in addition to my order or if what I paid up-front would be removed from my financing, the customer service rep was unable to answer my question and told me she would call back.The same day happened to be the day before my delivery for our bed and couch were scheduled, about which I received a call asking if I needed 2 twin box springs or 1 because only 1 had been added to the order! I never did hear back from the customer service rep about my special order recliner and after calling today (10 days after speaking with her) I was informed that my order had been voided. Since the timing of this order takes 6-8 weeks, I asked what could be done. The new rep I was talking to offered to waive my original delivery fee, but I would need to go BACK to the store to add it into the financing. I informed her that this whole ordeal had just been too much of a pain and that I needed to talk to my husband, and she did apologize. After calling back later tonight I was informed that our original delivery fee could be waived, but I will now be paying for a second delivery fee for the chair to come in. Thank you so much, AFW for offering to refund me money, but then to charge me for fees that had not existed before. And this only after you made 3 mistakes on our one order!
12/28/2017 4:46:15 PM
By Shain Vick
12/9/2019 11:48:04 PM
By Daniel Rando
Kat SAVED MY LIFE!!!! , My wife and I have been putting off new living room furniture for over a year , well I have , any ways ... We made it in this afternoon and point blank I told Vicky , I need help , in comes Katherine , BULLSEYE!!!!! , Kat is attentive, patient , nice , sweet , good eye for color match ,open to understanding others taste , simply wonderful!!! We stayed for a couple of hours , BANG ! Delivery set . Couldn't be happier , ........ , Dinning room next year, can't wait to spend time with Kat again.
1/17/2020 2:50:31 PM
By William Hicks
7/27/2017 7:36:52 PM
By kameel khattar
It's a wonderful place if you are looking for a variety of good designs and reasonable prices. Associates are nice and friendly, (pushy a little bit) because they compete on sales.
10/5/2017 12:44:02 PM
By Chelsi Lira
3/2/2020 2:14:54 AM
By Kim Shepard
No pressure shopping. Was a wonderful experience
3/14/2018 2:58:10 AM
By Dennis L
False advertising...saw a chair I really liked at AFW, but as usual, they didnt have the one I wanted in stock...went and did some research, found exact same chair online for 35% less than AFW "lowest price"...with free (yes, free) shipping, PLUS aditional color choices that AFW didnt have...we all know it is tough to compete with online retailers, but come on! Dont flat out lie to people about your prices!
4/8/2019 9:04:24 PM
By jt Wyo
12/26/2020 6:31:13 PM
By Francisco Jara
2/13/2020 11:46:34 PM
By John Hatfield
Huge selection of furniture and decorator items for the home. Great prices and service.
7/19/2017 11:41:58 AM
By Tomasita Cadena
Wonderful ,relaxing,impressive.
6/19/2021 1:43:08 AM
By Ashley Jasso
1.Is all furniture in good condition ? Yes! 2.Was your delivery satisfactory to the standards of our platinum delivery service ? Yes! 3. Absolutely loved it ! Everything in good condition and movers were awesome!! Will be back to AFW 🤩🤩♥️ 4.Overall Rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 💯
8/9/2019 10:11:06 PM
By Robert Yerby
Sometimes it can be difficult getting a salesman to help out. Once you have them though, they're helpful and friendly. The delivery guys are super. Basically they have decent furniture at good prices.
9/3/2018 2:30:49 AM
By Andrew Spencer
Decent furniture at pretty good prices. Really good selection too.
1/23/2017 4:58:17 PM
By Jeremy Barela
1/30/2018 3:39:22 AM
By Josh Leber
8/17/2019 10:05:25 PM
By loren henley
3/12/2022 11:15:17 PM
By Tina Booth
Maybe next time...
3/10/2019 3:17:26 PM
By Mike Schneider
To expensive for me
1/20/2020 1:00:36 AM
By Nathan Averett
Friendly and helpful staff. We didn't buy anything but it was nice that they didn't hover over over us like most furniture stores.
6/13/2023 3:06:42 PM
By Rich s
Good service. Good price. Good quality furniture, what else can I say?
9/24/2021 5:36:47 PM
By N
Kathy Gurule was the best!!!
1/27/2021 10:47:34 PM
By Michelle Ellis
2/5/2018 4:00:35 PM
By Zachary Digney
Great place with a huge selection. Nick took care of our needs and spent time with us on numerous visits as we chose different pieces for our house.
11/26/2020 1:34:03 AM
By Dusten Bauder
4/17/2016 1:03:33 AM
By Trevor Justus
Great selection but sometimes you need to have items shipped from their other warehouses.
10/18/2022 7:56:05 PM
By Benjamin Rollinger
Nice place great prices, friendly not-pushy service, and prompt, polite delivery. We bought a table, chairs, and some living room pieces from a competitor. Put money down, told 4-5 mos. After 10 mos my wife got impatient and worked for a refund. We took that to American just to look around, found what we wanted in stock, bought it, and have it in the house in less than 3 days.
1/21/2018 2:42:53 AM
By Danni Healy
I got these beautiful items here. The customer service was amazing as always and the friendly staff was extremely helpful. I love that you can come here and gets things under$100.

About This Store

American Furniture Warehouse Fort Collins, CO

The Fort Collins American Furniture Warehouse store has easy access from I-25 and Highway 14. Our huge showroom provides the largest selection and best prices anywhere, anytime. We offer a white glove delivery service seven days a week to all of Northern Colorado. We have a vast selection of mattresses, dining room sets, sofas, loveseats and home office furniture in stock for immediate pick-up. We have a rental truck on site for a small fee. There is currently a bilingual salesperson on staff for our Spanish-speaking customers. The Fort Collins AFW prides itself on the most pleasant and honest shopping experience anywhere in Northern Colorado.