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Grand Junction, CO Showroom
2570 American Way
Grand Junction, CO 81501
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  • Monday: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
  • Tuesday: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
  • Thursday: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
  • Friday: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
  • Saturday: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
  • Sunday: 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Pickup hours start at 10 AM.

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Grand Junction

2570 American Way
Grand Junction, CO 81501
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Store Reviews

(61 reviews)
5/6/2019 2:00:16 AM
By Danny Desiree B.
Excellent customer service!
10/19/2012 12:15:28 PM
By omen0404
After ordering a living room sofa &3living room tables for a total of $971., we were disappointed to find the coffee table grouting just...dropped out of the corner of the coffee table in approx.2 weeks. Several phone calls & a trip to the store, was told customer service ,"should do something about it."
10/18/2015 7:59:15 PM
By Joy S.
I walked around the store for a half hour with no associates to help us - they were all talking to coworkers. Quality of the items seem less than subpar. I will stick with Furniture Row.
8/27/2018 5:06:48 PM
By Barbara M.
The salesman was very helpful with information on the furniture we were looking for, and very friendly, but not pushy at all. The delivery guys were very careful carrying my furniture in, covering all corners with blankets so there were no tears or marks, and put it together and made sure it was where I wanted it. All around, GREAT JOB!!
8/23/2018 5:17:29 PM
By Thad S.
Always a great experience!!
8/23/2018 3:39:11 PM
By Kieth T.
Overall pretty good. Get a bit tired of the assemble it yourself furniture. Have lots of AFW stuff in our home and get many compliments. Probably be back when needs arise
8/22/2018 9:53:49 PM
By Tami & Paul K.
Took a while to get someone to help us the last couple of times I was in.
8/22/2018 4:12:51 PM
By Scott H.
15% return fee is unreasonable. If your goal is to get it right the first time, then why is it the customers fault if we are not?
8/22/2018 3:29:02 PM
By Trudy F.
Great customer service in store! Always been treated great!! The older delivery guy that delivered our couch was not to friendly- and our couch ottoman is coming apart at the seams already - we really take care of our furniture and are hardly hone so that was disappointing!! Mostly the people on the floor are great!!! Thank you
8/22/2018 2:49:28 PM
By Tiara H.
Great in store service.Timely and fast delivery.
8/22/2018 1:02:07 PM
By Mackenzie M.
Great customer service! They are fast, friendly and easy to work with!
8/21/2018 7:42:56 PM
By Sandra O.
Muy buen servicio😁
8/21/2018 7:39:17 PM
By James L.
Always a great customer experience the perfect mix of helpfulness and service.
8/21/2018 7:36:52 PM
By Randy G.
Great service
8/21/2018 5:52:44 PM
By Sharon B.
Never get tired of walking around this store. The ever changing inventory gives you new ideas. It can be dangerous. 😀
8/21/2018 4:07:06 PM
By Dolores S.
I’ve always had good service and the delivery guys are always quick and careful.
8/21/2018 3:30:25 PM
By Porsche Y.
Every person with whom I interacted was incredibly friendly, and shared an immense knowledge about furniture. It has been a pleasure to work with American Furniture Warehouse.
8/21/2018 2:25:27 PM
By Raena W.
They have excellent customer service and were very patient and went over the numbers for several things.
8/21/2018 1:36:32 PM
By Glenn L.
Great customer service, great inventory to choose from and the delivery service was punctual, friendly, and very professional
8/21/2018 11:34:17 AM
By Pennie J.
Great customer service, the delivery people were amazing, the product was delivered on time and the prices are outstandingly affordable.
8/21/2018 1:55:50 AM
By Jeannie T.
We had an issue with headboards. Grand Junction took care of it and we got the issue resolved pretty painlessly.
8/21/2018 12:55:48 AM
By Michael H.
Everyone we worked with was so friendly and helpful.
8/20/2018 11:59:27 PM
By James R.
Easy ordering, quick delivery and completely happy with my furniture.
8/20/2018 10:39:14 PM
By Morika V.
I recently moved to the Grand Junction area. I went to American Furniture as it is my favorite place to buy furniture and has been for over 25 years. I felt no pressure from the sales people every one was very nice. We did meet Jan who was so super helpful. We have been in 3 times and purchased stuff. We now just have them page Jan when we come in.. She is the Best!!!!
8/20/2018 5:40:51 PM
By Tammy M.
It was a good experience. My only suggestion would be to have more sales people on the floor or to have them seek you out. I shopped on three different occasions and each time I had to go search for a sales person when I was ready.I felt like if your wanting to sale something I shouldn't have to look all over the store for help. I ended up spending around $6,000 over the three shopping days.
8/20/2018 3:04:37 PM
By Mary O.
The customer service is very good but some of the furniture I bought is not up to what I believe is AFW standards
8/20/2018 2:34:16 PM
By Nancy R.
Please call my home number on file to confirm I did not and have not made a purchase with your company in quite sometime. I want to verify no purchases were made from my account. Thank you
8/20/2018 2:14:34 PM
By Michael M.
AFW has a vast collection of quality merchandise. It is staffed with helpful, knowledgeable associates who all go the extra mile to serve you.
8/20/2018 1:46:15 PM
By Lee & Carol K.
Great products and service. Have supper with you since your first days in Denver
8/20/2018 12:56:14 AM
By Justin W.
Great service great products
8/20/2018 12:34:28 AM
By Janis K.
Love the guys in the warehouse. They are optimistic and helpful and have great attitudes.
8/19/2018 4:38:09 PM
By Katherine H.
8/19/2018 3:26:04 PM
By Mack L.
sales personal were not the best
8/19/2018 1:46:47 AM
By Isidor P.
great service
8/19/2018 12:32:05 AM
By Linda J.
Helpful sales staff and a fun variety of home furnishings.
8/18/2018 11:18:54 PM
By Frankie M.
My Sales Person was great; the delivery was on time & the delivery guys were just as wonderful along with the technician
8/18/2018 10:11:24 PM
By Tasha N.
Greeted and helped by the most friendly staff again and again
8/18/2018 3:26:13 PM
By Lorraine S.
I was there actually twice, and both times the sales representatives were polite, helpful, and wonderful to work with. Unfortunately I do not remember their names. I always look at the sales ads and will definitely return.
8/17/2018 4:20:46 PM
By Jeremy H.
I love the couch, the sales lady was great and very helpful. But I find it absolutely ridiculous that the more money you spend the more expensive it is to get delivered.
8/17/2018 3:34:12 PM
By Jared K.
Best prices anywhere local!
8/17/2018 3:29:08 PM
By Helen S.
Shawn Sweet was his name If I remember correctly. Awesome customer service.
8/17/2018 2:56:12 PM
By Juanita M.
Sales people helpful and friendly. Delivery people the same
8/17/2018 2:10:45 PM
By Gordon C.
Michael May is great,we have bought 3 different items from him so please give him a raise!!!!
8/16/2018 5:45:49 PM
By Uson R.
Very good! But having a problem with one of the chair backs seperated, and no one hasuse the chair yet
8/16/2018 4:37:37 PM
By Zane G.
Always love the no hassle and friendly service and the prices can't be beat.
8/16/2018 4:08:38 PM
By Ashley R.
I loved that they delivered to Gunnison!! The couch is great
8/15/2018 6:18:17 PM
By Brianna R.
Excellent customer service
8/15/2018 3:05:54 PM
By Faye H.
Great service and we love our new couch.
8/15/2018 2:25:32 PM
By Linda D.
Love our item....perfect for our laundry room!
8/14/2018 11:53:53 PM
By Phil C.
8/14/2018 9:46:30 PM
By Bobbye H.
Excellent. Our sales rep was super
8/14/2018 7:44:57 PM
By Robert & Vicki F.
We had a problem with a bed that we had for 6 yrs. AFW stood behind their product & replaced our bed.
8/14/2018 7:38:59 PM
By John B.
Salesman was very patient w/ me, spending a lot of time w/ me while I deliberated over a mattress choice.
8/14/2018 6:58:01 PM
By Angela S.
Wonderful people, wonderful service!
1/15/2018 6:24:10 PM
By Amber D.
I wish I didn't even have to give them a star! They are far more than disappointing. I refused to buy from them last year after getting my couch, it broke in 2 weeks and ripped at the seams in just a few months. But at the end of the year moved and wanted new things and went here since they are the cheapest and have the most variety in this town. Wrong decision, key word being CHEAPEST. They have very poor quality furniture. First it was like everyone was on break, impossible to find anyone to help you, they say its because their low pressure environment. After buying 2 whole bedroom set, breakfast bench and fireplace, we plan to have them shipped. But 2 days before measured and found that one of the bed sets would just be to tight and called to cancel just that bed and they said they couldn't because it was in the truck and they would have to bring it and charge us to return it. Now only 2 months after purchasing, our fireplace has chipped numerous times really easily. The bench has little plastic feet to cover nails on the bottom of the legs and one broke off. We didn't notice until the nail put dents in our hardwood. And finally our bed just broke, the support cross boards is screwed in the side and had only a peg leg holding it in the center. The peg leg which isn't even screwed in fell out and the screws of that board ripped out the side rail. All in all, if you want things to last more than a few weeks or months, I DON'T recommend American Furniture Warehouse!
5/19/2017 11:31:07 AM
By Alisa F.
It is very frustrating to have to pay extra fees in the town we are closest to. Having to travel 100 miles to avoid these fees is cheaper.
5/18/2017 10:32:15 AM
By Angel H.
When I went into American Furniture Warehouse, I was greeted by one person. However when I was ready to ask questions and find what I was really looking for, I had to search for someone to help me. Even though there were people on the floor they all ignored me or looked busy with other things. As for the sofa that I got it is ok. I have had it less than a month and it is all ready coming apart. I am not happy about that at all.
10/28/2011 8:35:42 PM
By Kathy Jai
Its not "officially open" just yet but stop on in. Sounds like grand opening is a little bit if a moving target but should be on the 5th.
7/23/2013 3:03:17 PM
By Bob Morrison
They are open, unlike another tip says.
2/4/2016 12:27:34 AM
By Skye Layne
This place is great. They have great deals on everything and the guy who placed our order this last time was awesome. I will definitely be coming back when it's time for a new bed!
10/5/2012 5:43:13 AM
By got_taken
Do NOT SHOP HERE! We purchase a 3 piece set of livingroom furniture. We recieved more than 7 pieces of ripped and torn furniture from them in all. I refused them untill I got undamaged items. 3 months later we went in to buy more than $2,000 more, (as we had a $390 credit). We were told that our standards are too high, (because we did not accept torn up items), and that we were no longer "allowed" to shop here!

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The Grand Junction American Furniture Warehouse is your home for the largest selection of furniture in Colorado. Customers enjoy the largest selection of quality, stylish home furnishings and accessories at the lowest prices anywhere, anytime. What's more, AFW is known to have the largest selection of furniture under one roof in the United States - not just Colorado. American Furniture Warehouse keeps costs low, so customers enjoy not only unmatched quality, but also unbeatable savings on brand-name furniture. Stop by the Grand Junction American Furniture Warehouse and browse our huge selection of Bedroom sets, Dining Room sets, Sofas, Home Office Furniture, Entertainment Centers and so much more. We are proud to offer the best shopping experience in Colorado.