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Thornton, CO Showroom

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8501 Grant St
Thornton, CO 80229
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Thornton, CO Showroom

American Furniture Warehouse Thornton, CO

The Thornton American Furniture Warehouse is your home for the largest selection of furniture in North Denver, Colorado. Customers enjoy the largest selection of quality, stylish home furnishings and accessories at the lowest prices anywhere, anytime. What's more, AFW is known to have the largest selection of furniture under one roof in the United States - not just Colorado. American Furniture Warehouse keeps costs low, so customers enjoy not only unmatched quality, but also unbeatable savings on brand-name furniture. Stop by the Thornton American Furniture Warehouse and browse our huge selection of Bedroom sets, Dining Room sets, Sofas, Home Office Furniture, Entertainment Centers and so much more. Sales staff are knowledgable and can accommodate for our Spanish speaking customers. We are proud to offer the best shopping experience in Colorado.

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Store Reviews

(100 reviews)
7/24/2024 5:46:59 PM
By Armando Diaz
Muy amables solo que al entregar las cosas siempre andan a la carrera y quebran las cosas y tiene uno que esperar hasta que haiga el producto nuevamente , deberían de mejor en ese servicio
7/21/2024 7:22:16 PM
By Marco Deleon
Always had great experiences here. Everyone is super helpful and nice. Great service
7/20/2024 4:08:43 PM
By Gmaxjr24
Never will I ever buy from AFW again. We bought a new house. Went in to buy all of our furniture from AFW. Nice lady who help said we finance no interest for 9 months. She told us how we should save the cash for emergencies and pay the the loan amount off over 9 months. Well here we are 9 months later and I went to make my final payment of $100 just to find out that if you don’t pay in full. You get charged ALL OF THE DIFFERED INTEREST. For missing the final $100 payment date by 2 days I got charge $660 dollars in interest. I explained my situation and no one wanted to help. Wells Fargo and AFW are the shadiest companies I have ever dealt with. $660 of my hard earned money gone to interest over $100 and 2 days. I will never buy from them ever again. I’m so sad that when I explained what happen no could or would help.
7/20/2024 2:21:03 AM
By Jonathan Weber
Motor failed on a power recliner thats only a few months old. I send in a warranty claim form. Nobody contacted me. I sent a follow up email, nobody replied.
7/18/2024 10:53:03 PM
By Matthew Clayton
I purchased a 340 pound massage chair and AFW loaded it in my trunk and when i was driving my car flipped backwards
7/18/2024 1:30:15 PM
By Steven LaHoud
7/18/2024 10:30:13 AM
By Yolanda Rivera
Me encanta la tienda y los vendedores muy atentos
7/12/2024 7:34:58 PM
By Caleb Roth
Absolutely furious right now. My partner and I are first time furniture buyers and would not recommend AFW for first timers or anyone. Their prices are cheap but predetory practices, rude staff who are also very uninformed on the products. Even when dealing with the manager she could not tell us if a couch was one or two sections. I had deleted my review but after giving them a second chance I absolutely stand by it and am updating it with my current interaction. We worked with Raymond at the store where he helped us pick out the sleeper couch that we wanted and was happy to take our $1200 but when it came time for delivery the drivers claimed they would be unable to bring it up the stairwell to our house. They wouldn't even unload it from the truck because any damages would come out of their pockets. I get your worried about your money but yall already took ours, it's our couch if I want to try we should try. Also we had told Raymond that it was on the third floor of a narrow stairwell with no elevator access or anything and he said it would be fine. We had looked at other products too, he should have asked us to gather measurements and return if there was a worry or guided us back to a smaller couch. Instead we got told "no problem, it's their job to get it in" and here I am now with an empty living room (we tossed all our old furniture this morning in preparation for the delivery) and out $1200 with only a "maybe they will" in regards to a refund and not having to pay the restocking costs. The drivers didn't even attempt it they just measured and said it wouldn't work. So beyond mad, I have no furniture now and to be told to just go pick out something else was so rude as both my partner and I work full time service industry so finding a day off and making sure we had enough money for even this first trip took almost 3 months, now I'm supposed to just sit on my floor for another 3 months until we can save up and find another day off. (EDIT) After being frustrated we decided to give them a second chance and moved schedules so we could go this morning. Found a new couch this is smaller and similar to what we wanted, purchased it and asked about our previous orders return and they informed us there was no return started for the product. When we finally got finished with talking to the sales person we discovered they would not give us a full refund so we asked to speak to the supervisor. She from the start didnt seem to worried about our return and informed us right away we would not be getting a full refund and to stop asking. We argued back said we never wanted to return it the delivery guys refused to deliver and Raymond had told us it would be no issue with the stairwell. She then said that Raymond in his notes said he discussed measurements, which he NEVER did. In fact I was the one who asked if we should be worried about the stairwell. She was then very dismissive by saying "well who am I to believe my staff member or you?" Which kudos for having your staffs back but they were in the wrong. She asked to see the original couch, and like I said previously, was very unaware of the specs to the point where another employee had to come and answer the questions. Then instead of offering the full refund, she offered to cancel the new couch we just purchased and give us the old one and she would wave the delivery and if they wouldnt unload we could just take it ourselves. Which again was so rude because, no, they wouldn't even take it off the truck before so im not waiting another 4 days to repeate the same process. She kept insisting to cancel our new order but we kept saying no that we already gave them the second chance and still purchased a new couch through AFW we just want the full refund for the couch they refused to deliver. They are still getting money from us in the form of the new couch but she told us it wouldn't happen. We could argue all day but she isn't going to wave it. Disgusting. Never wasting my money here again. You shouldn't either.
7/12/2024 6:01:00 PM
By Marissa Greer
Approximately one month ago, my significant other and I made the regrettable decision to purchase furniture from a specific AFW location. Unfortunately, since the time of purchase, the overall experience has devolved into a nightmarish ordeal marked by unprofessional, unhelpful, and unsympathetic customer support. Specifically, we procured a bed that had been designated as a closeout item due to its status as a floor model, and thus was offered at a substantially discounted price. Prior to the purchase, an employee had assured us that the bed would be in a comparable condition to non-floor models. However, upon delivery, it became evident that the bed had not been assembled correctly and was marred by the use of shoddily constructed boards that buckled beneath the weight of a mattress, resulting in the bed collapsing to the floor when sat upon. The aftermath of this incident raised safety concerns, particularly regarding the stability and quality of the product. Moreover, subsequent interactions with the customer support team yielded little in the way of resolution or satisfaction. Our attempts to address these issues were met with apathy and a lack of accountability on the part of the company. Additionally, other delivery-related mishaps, such as damages sustained by our television set and an incorrect installation of our couch, further compounded our grievances. Despite our persistent efforts to seek redress, communication from the company was sporadic at best, exacerbating the frustrations we had already endured. We were left with no choice but to engage the services of an external party to rectify the structural deficiencies in the bed and render it safe for use. In the midst of this protracted ordeal, we reached out to the AFW establishment and their customer support line in a timely manner, only to encounter further delays and unfulfilled promises. Attempts to hold the company accountable for their oversights were met with deflection and attempts to shift blame onto us, the customers. Following an extended period of unresolved issues and a lack of meaningful communication from the company, it was communicated to us that only the delivery fee would be refunded, while other essential expenses incurred as a result of their negligence, such as the repairs to the bed and the replacement of our damaged TV, would not be covered. Our experience with AFW has not only been marred by the substandard quality of their products but also by the indifference and inadequacy of their customer support service. An establishment that truly values customer satisfaction would have promptly addressed our concerns, offered meaningful solutions, and exhibited a more empathetic approach. Regrettably, this has not been the case, and as a result, we cannot in good conscience recommend AFW to individuals seeking quality furniture products and a satisfactory customer experience. In light of these unresolved issues and the lack of accountability displayed by the company, we are left with no choice but to escalate our concerns by lodging a formal complaint with the Better Business Bureau.
7/10/2024 7:53:22 PM
By Antoinette BROOKS
My mattress was expensive first of all. After a few months it has begun sagging on both sired. I filed a claim on the warranty on April 7, 2024. The service tech contacted me on April 11th to appointment to look at the mattress and take photos on April 18th. I've heard NOTHING from those results since then. I've placed calls leaving voice-mail to no avail. Very poor customer service!! I intend to keep contacting them until they replace this $1500 sagging mattress. ANTOINETTE BROOKS
7/8/2024 7:45:07 PM
By Rea Richards
Just bought a new couch for my new apartment and I’m so in love, delivery was quick and easy, I will definitely be coming back in the future!
7/6/2024 7:31:14 PM
By Dominic Andasola-C'de Bacca-Romero
7/5/2024 5:49:22 PM
By john O
Terry helped us pick out an awesome couch and dining table. He was super knowledgeable and very fun to talk with. (Also his shoes were super fly). Next time my wife and I are buying furniture we are coming directly to Terry.
7/3/2024 4:06:45 PM
By Nicholas S
Such knowledgeable staff, great prices and quick delivery. Carlos Castillo helped me make my couch purchase and I can’t recommend him enough. I will go back for my future furniture needs!
7/1/2024 10:54:37 PM
By Phillip Cirone
unbelievable service at the store and even better upon delivery. Extremely professional and efficient team. Can't recommend this store and service enough!
7/1/2024 9:37:06 PM
By Brooke Pederson
7/1/2024 5:14:51 PM
By Timothy Billett
CARFEFUL !!! Read the details of what you are ordering because the images ARE MISLEADING. I ordered a day bed, the images showed mattress, but on delivery...OH !!! Mattress SOLD SEPRATELY. When I call to voice my concern the customer service representative attempted to make me feel stupid by "OH you didn't read the description?" Then they argued with me about how misleading the images were. EVERYONE LOOKS AT THE IMAGES AND UNDERSTANDS WHAT IS INCLUDED. NO I WILL NOT ORDER FROM YA'LL AGAIN !
7/1/2024 12:38:33 AM
By Pam Lane
I have purchase furniture five years ago family room and dining room and still looks good. I have purchased dresser, night stand, bed and adjustable bed all good for a great price!! Gary Thompson was amazing. I wanted to make sure that the bed that I had purchased I was able to use the adjustable bed he literally went to the bed to make sure and called me back with estimate and assured me that I can when he told me!!!! Thank you for your exceptional customer service Gary Thompson!!!!
6/26/2024 12:28:02 PM
By Kathleen D.
6/25/2024 1:44:49 PM
By Guadalupe M
6/24/2024 6:03:33 PM
By Anuja Bagade
6/22/2024 7:46:17 PM
By Don Piano
We had a 6 year old Simmons Beauty Rest mattress that developed body impressions exceeding Simmons warranty standards. From the scheduling, to the technician's visit, to the support from our salesperson, we were astonished how well we were taken care of! We recommend people to look up Bobby Clark for all their questions and for assistance with purchasing! He is fantastic at the Colorado Springs location. We would also like to thank AFW for their warranty mattress service and inspections! Customer service was outstanding and we would like to shout out Melissa and Kathy for their excellent help with our warranty mattress. Last, but not least, a HUGE thank you to Jenna Beacon at the Colorado Springs store. She truly was our "conductor" in getting all the details worked out and assuring us we were receiving everything promised! As we told every employee, "We'd be proud to work for a company like AFW"! Amazing Company! Way to go Jake! BTW, we purchased another mattress!
6/22/2024 4:53:23 PM
By Tim Nickerson
Adam was amazing we needed a couch a bed and a frame Adam guided us through the whole store top and bottom and made excellent recommendations. The prices shocked me on how low they were, top of the line brands for under 1000$. Adam also was very helpful on giving us information on Shipping our products to our house. I would highly recommend going here for your new furniture
6/20/2024 12:07:33 AM
By D Brooks
I bought furniture for a finished basement and the delivery team determined that the sofa could not fit thru the doorway. The team coordinated the return of the sofa and the delivery of a loveseat two days later. Basically they handled the return of of the sofa, the ordering of the loveseat and delivery in a matter of minutes. I didn’t even have to make another trip to the store. Seamless process. By the way, the loveseat is actually a better fit too.
6/19/2024 11:20:21 PM
By Joyce Storm
6/19/2024 7:03:48 PM
By Angela Tindol
Quick, easy & affordable. Will be back very soon to buy more new furniture.
6/19/2024 4:53:32 PM
By Abe Hansen
6/19/2024 2:53:45 PM
By Larry kerbow
Excellent quick service. Went to store and picked out 3 or 4 sets. Decided on one and ordered online. Called next day to set up Delivery. Delivered perfect! Great communication through whole process and including delivery driver texting me to let me know they were here. They were 10 minutes early which I loved ! Extremely nice and helpful.
6/19/2024 7:31:33 PM
By MarBar
6/19/2024 4:47:08 PM
By Filmon Zion
6/19/2024 5:16:50 PM
By Vanessa Ehnes
Amazing platinum delivery. Order the couches on Sunday was able to get them within 3 business days. Which is amazing! Delivery guys were awesome and got in out within 15 minutes.
6/19/2024 4:30:36 PM
By Kathy Fox
Did wat was needed fast not slow
6/19/2024 11:03:17 PM
By Wendy Knobloch
Perfection! This has been the most pleasant experience I have ever had with an online order!
6/19/2024 6:45:59 PM
By Lil Jimmy's Food Gems & Treasures Factory
Very fast and efficient great service would recommend I love my new bed thank you guys
6/19/2024 9:03:12 PM
By Angela Armas
6/19/2024 7:36:44 PM
By shannon kingston
6/19/2024 1:08:39 PM
By shariesa smith
6/18/2024 10:36:45 PM
By Lynne Spear
6/18/2024 7:05:49 PM
By Amy Goeckel
Such a good, fast experience. Exceptional compared to other vendors and more affordable. Ray, our salesperson, was especially helpful and we were very impressed with the delivery driver's speed!
6/18/2024 1:22:55 PM
By Kender Acevedo
Fast and great service!
6/18/2024 12:03:45 AM
By Timothy
6/17/2024 11:28:17 PM
By Alan Jorgenson
Great product, service and delivery!
6/17/2024 8:25:55 PM
By Stephen Hardwick
6/17/2024 7:47:10 PM
By Jorge Alberto
Very good
6/17/2024 7:21:03 PM
6/17/2024 7:18:08 PM
By Lorraine Martinez
6/17/2024 3:46:05 PM
By Steven Baker
Easy shopping experience online and in the store. Delivery personnel are friendly and set up was great! An awesome experience as always! I highly recommend AFW!!!
6/17/2024 1:11:35 AM
By Gina White
6/16/2024 11:12:34 PM
By Woody Garcla
The service was good the delivery people were friendly and nice and they cleaned up after delivering the furniture that's why I gave them a five star
6/16/2024 9:08:22 PM
By Jesse Perez
Definitely looking at AFW for more furniture. Super affordable prices compared to other furniture stores and nice quality too.
6/16/2024 4:30:31 PM
By fred Dillion
Delivery guys were great and very experienced
6/16/2024 4:03:57 PM
By Scott Rabinowitz
Most reliable place in CO to get the furniture you need on your time and terms
6/16/2024 2:44:50 PM
By Lauren Richardson
6/16/2024 1:59:05 PM
By Andrew Missick
Easy online ordering and quick delivery turnaround.
6/16/2024 12:44:44 AM
By eric tade
6/15/2024 9:12:05 PM
By Benjamin Fishman
Great furniture and easy delivery
6/15/2024 8:32:59 PM
By Ethan “Cars&Guns” Bigs
6/15/2024 8:18:40 PM
By Karen Jacobs
American Furniture Warehouse has excellent products at an excellent price with excellent customer service!! Come by if you have a furniture need or just to browse! You will definitely find something you like at a reasonable price.
6/15/2024 7:41:02 PM
By Steve
I have purchased furniture from AFW for 10 plus years. I' have my eyes on an electric recliner.
6/15/2024 7:27:49 PM
By Jeremy Ervin
6/15/2024 6:46:40 PM
By Omar Padilla
6/15/2024 6:13:19 PM
By Jenine McQuaid
6/15/2024 6:00:22 PM
By Alistair Heys
6/15/2024 5:18:50 PM
By Andy Munoz
Julian and all the staff are amazing. Great knowledge patience bi lingual a plus. Product knowledge was amazing they listen and know what to recommend so friendly.
6/15/2024 4:42:23 PM
By Neil McCorrison
Was sold a damaged and repaired lift chair as new. Customer service was difficult to work with, promising one thing and then saying another. AFW ultimately agreed to fix the chair. The repair was very basic and left damaged pieces in place. The chair is noisy and shifts while being lifted. The repair team additionally damaged the remote. So another thing to deal with. I’ve been a long time customer of AFW, but this experience has never likely or returning there again. Update: American Furniture is now saying I will need to pay for the remote they damaged. As you can see below, they aren’t helpful and now have completely lost my trust as a customer.
6/15/2024 4:17:46 PM
By Daniel Encinas
6/15/2024 3:51:27 PM
By Lulú Rodriguez
6/14/2024 7:39:47 PM
By Barbara Ladd
Everything was done just as I was told. Very easy to deal with customer service.
6/14/2024 6:13:53 PM
By Gabriela Rollano
6/14/2024 4:54:46 PM
By Nell McHenry
6/14/2024 4:12:54 PM
By Nathan Tracy
6/14/2024 3:34:42 PM
By Yesenia Fraga
6/14/2024 1:12:47 PM
By Kathy Romo
6/14/2024 12:49:33 AM
By Amber Kois
6/13/2024 11:18:53 PM
By Dan Romo
6/13/2024 8:13:14 PM
By Imran Chaudrey
This is our first time shopping there, great experience, would highly recommend if you are not sure what you are looking, great selection to help you the right decision.
6/13/2024 6:21:22 PM
By N.
Great service delivered very fast! I got to pick my own date for delivery.
6/13/2024 4:54:42 PM
By Basant Joshi
Fast, safe and nice delivery guys . Thank you
6/13/2024 4:30:21 PM
By ernest huffman
Was very impressed with AFW i’m disabled so it’s hard to get around. Their website was very helpful and was able to decide what furniture I wanted. Any questions I had or answered by customer service. My delivery was prompt. They were very professional and was ready to take care of any problems I might’ve had, thanks American furniture warehouse
6/13/2024 2:45:23 PM
By Kathrine Cisneros
We had a great experience our sales associate Jerry was awesome (I think that was his name) and delivery was prompt and efficient. The furniture arrived undamaged and was set up for us! Thank you
6/13/2024 12:51:19 AM
By jose vivas
6/12/2024 9:04:59 PM
By Kat Lam
Delivery was fast , clean and the guys obviously knew what they were doing. Great sofa, great price. So glad AFW isn't just for Colorado!!
6/12/2024 7:54:03 PM
By Justin Kline
6/12/2024 7:37:31 PM
By Lindsey Barr
Wonderful experience in store, through the website and with all delivery crews! Thank you!
6/12/2024 5:16:19 PM
By kathi roberts
6/12/2024 4:58:11 PM
By Jaclyn Guzzo
6/12/2024 4:36:20 PM
By Treynell Gibson
I'm a repeat customer. Great deals, quality furniture!
6/11/2024 11:41:42 PM
By Sean Waller
Great company to work for
6/11/2024 9:29:15 PM
By Lynn Hunt
Sales people were very helpful and patient as my husband ( who is 6'6") had to try every seat to see if they would fit our son who is going through chemo. FYI, AMF has a very poor selection of chairs, sofas and loveseats that would fit anyone 6'4" and above.
6/11/2024 8:57:56 PM
By Christopher Nylander
6/11/2024 8:26:22 PM
By Garrett Olsen
AFW is awesome. I’ve bought two couches and a bed from them. The bed we bought was a AFW memory foam that felt the same as a purple mattress or tempur-pedic but for a fraction of the price. The second couch was bought in 2024 and after a few weeks I realized it wasn’t the same comfort or feel as the showroom. It was built with different back supports. I walked back into the store to confirm this as I thought I was going crazy but did confirm the couch wasn’t the same. I stumbled upon the regional manager in the store who took care of me along with the store manager at the Thornton location. They shipped a new couch out to my house 2 days later and took the old one back, free of charge. No questions asked and no hassling. The new couch was the exact as the showroom with the correct parts and I love it. Exceptional customer service that you can’t find most places. Because of that they earned a customer for life! Thank you!
6/11/2024 7:25:48 PM
By Norma Amalou
Found what I needed. Easy to order and pay for. Delivery set in a couple of days after purchase. Arrived on time and they were professional and quick.
6/11/2024 6:48:41 PM
By John M
ordered online, and fully assembled table and chairs were delivered in 3 days, and came fully assembled.
6/11/2024 6:39:57 PM
By Dolores Sandoval
6/11/2024 5:36:37 PM
By Wholly Limbo Clothing
We always come to AFW for our furniture. Always a pleasure to be a returning customer 😀
6/11/2024 5:25:06 PM
By Sarah S
6/11/2024 4:48:29 PM
By Rebecca Thao-Her
6/11/2024 4:26:22 PM
By Amber Gonzales
6/11/2024 3:14:50 PM
6/11/2024 2:46:41 PM
By Robert Garza