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Westminster, CO

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Westminster, CO Showroom
9410 Wadsworth Parkway
Westminster, CO 80021
(303) 422-3385 Get Directions

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  • Monday: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
  • Tuesday: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
  • Thursday: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
  • Friday: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
  • Saturday: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
  • Sunday: 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Pickup hours start at 10 AM.

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Store Reviews

(100 reviews)
2/18/2024 7:13:41 PM
By Emily Jacobs
We are on the hunt for a couch. We didn’t end up buying anything because they didn’t have a sectional configuration that would fit in our oddly shaped living room but the prices were very reasonable and everyone on the sales floor was very helpful and kind. Will definitely come back when we are in the market for other furniture!
2/16/2024 4:59:04 PM
By Tate Freundlich
I purchased a couch on a Tuesday and impulsively added a shelf, then arranged for delivery on a Friday for the bundle because it's a day I could work from home. The truck shows up Friday with the shelf, but no couch. I feel bad these clowns wasted their drivers time to deliver a 30lb shelf I could have tossed in the back of my truck leaving the showroom, but here we are. My couch is missing, and I cleared my morning to allow the delivery. Apparently, the couch "missed the transfer" and didn't end up on the truck. The worst part is that nobody would have reached out to reschedule delivery, or even inform me if I didn't reach out. This is such poor management of process and poor communication, I'm not sure I want to ever go back to AFW. I took a chance on their furniture, but I should have gone to Ikea instead at this point. UPDATE: They came and didn't want to deliver the couch citing it would not fit, even though it has smaller dimensions to a couch that my friend and I were able to move in. I'm never shopping with AFW again.
2/15/2024 8:34:51 PM
By Ben Braunstein
2/14/2024 7:23:43 PM
By lori anderson
If you are getting physically ill after purchasing any furnishings from AFW .. it’s the chemicals they use!!! 90 percent of folks have no clue why they have been feeling like garbage …. Get it out of your house!!
2/13/2024 11:07:08 PM
By Jay Nooney
Ended making purchase for February 14 th, my present to myself.
2/11/2024 4:19:11 PM
By Renee Vigil
On time delivery and set up was absolutely worth the delivery charge 👌 beautiful furniture 😍
2/8/2024 3:48:33 AM
By Sandra Ortega
Hi I just wanted to say that Joseph scalise was the person who helped us purchase our new couch in their new table and his customer service was very excellent he was very respectful explained everything made sure I understood everything I made sure we didn't forget anything was perfect everything was perfect our delivery or delivery man we're very respectful to our home to our other items and I highly recommend American furniture wearhouse
1/27/2024 9:51:06 PM
By Jasper
1/26/2024 4:31:06 PM
By Jennifer
I am so impressed with AFW’s affordable delivery and install by Devon Fresquez and team on 1/26. They arrived on time despite a snowstorm in our remote canyon property, steep driveway and difficult drive and stairs. Their truck was chained and they were very careful. They were so professional and easy to work with. 5/5 service. I can’t believe how they went above and beyond despite the elements. Thank you!!! They should get a raise :) AFW has the best prices and dupes, loyal customer! Great service wow!
1/21/2024 8:19:03 PM
By Patricia Deisch
Had a variety of furniture even though quality/durability of furniture has decreased over the years. The saleswoman we interacted with was knowledgeable, helpful and efficient.
1/13/2024 5:09:16 AM
By Judy Krukoff
Helpful sales folks. Not pushy. Shop the sales for best value and availability.
1/4/2024 1:04:44 AM
By Wellington DeLone
Natalie E. was incredibly helpful, efficient and also so kind and enjoyable to work with. She was very knowledgeable and answered all our questions and made us feel very good about purchasing our new couch!
1/3/2024 6:49:29 PM
By Scott Myhr
Barron is awesome, I bought a couple of couches from here.
1/1/2024 7:02:07 PM
By Jared Whitcomb
The Couch I had bought broke in less than a year, covered under warranty, yet they still charge to fix. The warrantee is a lie and a scam. I will never ship, buy, or purchase anything from here. Adding the American part should be changed to China junk.
12/21/2023 3:21:02 AM
By Hope Clark
Good customer service and nice furniture.
12/19/2023 2:42:29 AM
By Brenda Terris
Was looking for furniture for an apartment. Be sure and always check the clearance section.
12/6/2023 9:04:52 PM
By Jessica Azzarano
12/6/2023 5:34:07 PM
By Clay Worth
12/5/2023 11:59:41 PM
By Drew Ayling
My wallet slipped out when I sat down on something and Estela did all she could to reach out and make sure to let me know she had it. They’re great helpful people. I wouldn’t even call them sales people because they are not pushy at all. We’ll be back to purchase.
12/4/2023 4:00:16 PM
By Doug Maestas
Although they didn't have what I wanted in stock, the sales person was able to locate it and was willing to have it shipped in. The owner, Jake, was actually in the store, and I was able to talk to him about old times and the first time we had met.
11/30/2023 4:16:27 PM
By Brendan Streeter
Couches are comfy and for a great price
11/28/2023 6:19:56 PM
By Derek Lucero
11/26/2023 6:55:30 PM
By Joyce Mary
American Furniture Warehouse offers the most comfortable lush furniture at the most affordable prices, plus all the knick-nacks that make great gifts, and service you want to talk about.
11/26/2023 12:58:38 AM
By Donn Emge
11/1/2023 3:13:10 PM
By Sean Hanrahan
10/31/2023 2:14:50 AM
By Ruth Mills
The sale person was great.
10/25/2023 7:37:45 PM
By Ashley Warfel
we purchased a sectional that was back ordered and opted for delivery. shopping was fun and easy with the amazing selection and great prices, we found something we loved. purchasing was easy and the great salesman Robert walked us through the whole process. the delivery went as smooth as possible, they arrived early and called me to let me know in advance, and were in and out very quickly, set up everything, i didn’t have to lift a finger! they were very aware of their surroundings and were very careful of my door and walls. i am so satisfied, highly recommend!!
10/23/2023 6:18:33 PM
By Theresa Reece
Evidently, the store employee, Ray Varkevisser couldn't find our account in their system so he simply added me to some other guy's account and now we have a delivery scheduled under some other person's name. Also, we are now somehow attached to this other guy's purchase history. Sloppy account management lends to a poor customer experience.
10/14/2023 2:58:00 PM
By Ghazi Alahmadi
It was excellent
10/12/2023 10:53:25 PM
By alba varela
En dos ocasiones eh comprado mueblería,y las dos me an cancelado la compra diciendo que no tienen el artículo en stock y que es un error del sistema.
12/31/2019 5:11:37 PM
By J. Ash
I had my kitchen table for 2 months and the finish is coming off. Customer service informed me that I should know that ALL kitchen tables need to have a place mat for any drinks or plates or the finish will come off and " I should know this, that's why they sell them." No care instructions came with the furniture. I will never purchase from American Furniture again. Please beware on how cheaply items are made from American Furniture and if you need to cover your piece of furniture before use. Why purchase something that looks nice to use it.
6/17/2020 11:42:02 PM
By Vanessa Mandonado
7/15/2021 5:17:01 PM
By Jessie Line
I am very sorry I bought my furniture from here. I spent 2,200 in there and paid it off that day, that was May 17th and it’s now July 14th and I still am waiting for the rest of my couch which was supposed to be here by the middle of June! They have kept pushing out the date for it to be delivered and I would not shop there again because of the run around that I am still getting.
4/29/2022 2:53:56 PM
By Valeriy Voytukhov
5/2/2022 8:35:38 PM
By roni walker
5/14/2023 10:25:57 PM
By Esther Sigala
Walk in to the store and no one said hello .
5/4/2019 12:52:23 PM
By Tegan Fahey
Don't expect their bedroom sets to last long or have all the parts required to put together beds, clear directions, or drawers that fit and slide in/out smoothly.
9/4/2023 4:00:01 PM
By Keith V Gordon
It's a fun shopping experience, lots of variety and nicely laid out! I've always had friendly and helpful staff at this location anytime we've come here in the past 5 years. The furniture is very stylish and durable, no issues with anything we've bought here from office chairs to tables and sofas. I use this location for home and business purchases and I highly recommend them for any furniture needs.
11/20/2019 9:24:07 PM
By Gary Thiel
12/10/2017 5:12:16 PM
By Clara Theresa
Wish there was an option for negative stars. First I was told there was next day delivery. This was proven to be untrue by calling another store. I set up a sales appointment to see specific shelving and smaller shelving in a similar style. When I came in the salesperson I had an appointment was unprepared and started speaking about desks. He had only one item listed on his paper and had to search to find it. I was not happy with the fact that I made an appointment and stated exactly what I was looking for; yet had an extremely unprepared salesperson who in the end said he had nothing for me.
5/23/2023 3:22:28 AM
By Deboras Smith
5/17/2022 2:41:24 PM
By Lisa E McKim
Stellar service, excellent selection of furniture. I wish there was a bit more home decor and more selection of art, but those are very minor things. The prices are outstanding and the quality of the merchandise is excellent as well. The selection is also on-trend and the store is very easy and relaxing to navigate. I really feel that you get a lot of value from AFW. Highly recommend!
7/2/2018 9:58:52 PM
By Danny Romero
9/21/2022 1:54:12 AM
By Jamie Taft
This place is HUGE. They had so many items we were astounded at the amount of furniture they fit in this building.
5/13/2022 7:42:34 PM
By Kristen Reeves
Out furniture shopping. Went here spent 30+ minutes walking around and not a single employee said a word to me. I saw at least 10 of them walking around. I will take my business elsewhere since they seem to be particular about their type of customer.
7/23/2018 8:12:09 PM
By William Morgan-Hughes
6/24/2019 12:49:16 AM
By Adrian Esparza
8/14/2023 1:01:16 AM
By John A
Lots of great furniture all brands and price. They have everything for your house. The sale people here are very friendly and welcoming. If you just say your just looking they will leave you alone to browse. Definintly worth visiting.
2/22/2018 6:46:26 AM
By Robin Cardin
Great place to buy furniture!! Great prices and very helpful employees. I love this place.
9/6/2020 3:42:08 PM
By Robin Mackey
We have bought a living room set, bedroom set and a dining room set. Have no problems with any of them
10/15/2021 12:17:14 AM
By Louise Dolph
Went looking at mattresses with granddaughters and came out with tigers ha ha
1/19/2020 2:03:44 AM
By Jonathan Dalton
Nice place, great prices. They have nothing in stock. Skip this showroom and go right to Thornton
2/22/2021 5:03:52 AM
By Vania Smith (Khilante)
5/2/2022 10:29:44 PM
By David Ohara
Friendly staff and lots of selections
6/22/2023 1:02:49 AM
By Sabrina Sheehan
We worked with Ray. We went into the store knowing exactly what we wanted; we just needed to pay and set up delivery. We took an item home that day in our own vehicle and paid for it separately, yet Ray charged us the delivery fee. The extremely rude girls at the front desk said they would transfer the money paid for the delivery to the order for the items actually being delivered. Then when we went to pay it still showed a delivery fee so before we submitted payment we asked for a correction to the bill and they told us there was an increase of $103 for the delivery fee. I've enjoyed shopping at AFW for my furniture needs but this location is terrible!! We spoke to several different employees and every single person gave us different prices for their delivery fees ranging between $80-$125. We were quoted higher delivery rates the closer we got to our zipcode. The shady employees we worked with are the only reason we took our business elsewhere. Be careful if you shop here and pay attention to what they charge you because they still have not refunded my $83.
8/20/2018 12:52:01 AM
By Prodigy hardwood floors
Biggest waste of money don't ever shop here.
11/28/2017 8:48:25 PM
By Dewey Killman
Just ok
8/20/2018 3:58:53 AM
By Patrick Spike
9/9/2017 6:51:19 PM
By RE/MAX Of Boulder
Not as big as most of the other AFW showrooms. The staff, if already working with someone, are not great at welcoming and helping all other customers.
6/7/2017 4:52:58 PM
By Mary Munz
Purchased a couch and bed on Monday. Was told that both items were in stock and we would have them Wednesday. Tuesday evening we received a text update stating our delivery time for the following day. An hour before they crew is suppose to show up we get a call saying "oh hey, your couch is out of stock. We can bring it to you in Monday." So upset, I call the store we purchased from to find out what had happened, and the Manager on Duty so nonchalantly says "ohh yeah it's out of stock, sorry bout that" ??? Is that acceptable? To waste someone's time and money? When we could have purchased elsewhere? He then proceeds to tell me that Monday most likely won't happen either, that is just the day that they will receive it. And will most likely be another 7 days from Monday before we actually get our couch. Absolutely ridiculous and the worst customer service ever! I ended up going to Home Stars in Denver. After telling them what I had gone through with this company they expedited my delivery to the next day!
9/4/2023 10:17:52 PM
By donna taulby
7/26/2011 11:12:34 PM
By Catressa Sweetwood
9/9/2018 2:15:28 AM
By Ronne Tafoya
8/31/2019 9:10:21 PM
By Jacek P
6/18/2020 11:29:23 PM
By Bruce Ranniger
12/21/2017 5:17:16 PM
By Clayton Besaw
Good price and prompt delivery.
7/1/2018 9:54:37 PM
By Gina Gale
5/29/2023 10:52:41 PM
By Barack Obama
6/25/2017 2:34:26 PM
By Sandra Tafoya
This store is Amazing.. It's the best American Furniture store around Colorado.. Go check it out ..
6/25/2018 4:57:52 PM
By Kym Munoz
11/28/2019 5:20:22 AM
By Jamie Bullock
10/12/2019 6:31:56 PM
By Ron Rawlings
12/28/2017 5:01:31 AM
By Star Shipley
Great staff, not rude at all even though my husband and I stopped by 30 mins to close. It was spur of the moment. Great selection and we found exactly what we needed in 5 mins (futon bunk bed)! I like this location a lot!
1/6/2021 6:43:03 PM
By Jerry Latham
Some good prices ,staff very helpful
9/20/2017 4:49:00 PM
By Jessica Markowitz
Great afordable prices!!
6/28/2023 7:34:39 PM
By Jordanne Standley
DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY HERE! We bought a bedroom set here. We paid several thousand for it. The bedframe cracked and broke after just a few months. Further more, we bought a mattress here. It is 3-4 years old, and so uncomfortable now from the sleep impressions we don't even sleep on it. If we do we get terrible lower back pain. The whole thing bows in and makes us roll on top of each other in the center. Upon learning about the warranty on the mattresses, we had a tech out to look at it. Our claim was denied because the impressions weren't deep enough, and then our warranty voided due to a small stain on the mattress I could probably clean off. This place is an absolute joke! Taking my business else where and I recommend you do the same. The furniture here is absolute trash.
8/4/2023 8:20:17 AM
By Krista Beth
So this place had a large selection of well made sturdy somewhat overpriced furniture. To be honest with all the exciting new furniture trends from barbie core to LED decor etc you would think they would want to get in on that and maybe offer a few colorful, modern and/or trendy items. Don't get me wrong I love my vanity but I really would have liked to see some of the really bright colors that are so popular right now . Oh and the process to actually pick up and LOAD your furniture was super stressful and tiring. I took a picture of the sun setting because we arrived early afternoon and that's how long it took after we paid for my vanity to get to the front of the pick up line
7/19/2022 2:57:21 AM
By Taylor Schmidt
Had a great experience shopping here for my new sectional! Barron was super friendly and helpful as my sales rep and gave me helpful info in making sure the sectional would work for my space. The delivery went smoothly, but after the drivers left noticed the ottoman was marked/damaged. Called the store immediately and Estella went above and beyond to coordinate getting a new ottoman delivered to me in just 2 days! I love my new sectional and so glad I went to AFW.
8/5/2018 11:52:47 PM
By Jason Yegge
2/18/2020 3:38:19 PM
By Kelvin G
Huge variety at great prices.
7/28/2017 9:18:28 PM
By Caleb Bernal
Wouldn’t recommend going to the store if you plan on making a purchase the same day there inventory is very limited and also if you get your item shipped there they will ship it to the main store and forget about you because they already made their commission off you so who cares if the customer is happy. I had to wait 5 weeks to get my couch because they shipped it to the Thorton store and I did not order it from the Thorton store I ordered it from this store and they expected me to go pick up their. So beware they all work on commission and will sell you anything they can so I suggest going online and looking before you go in the store. To end on a good note there prices on other hand are pretty great can’t complain there :)
4/7/2019 6:26:12 PM
By Adrienne Campos
10/9/2021 1:45:20 PM
By Doug Cook
They have a great selection of all things you need in your house and patio.
9/2/2019 7:39:44 PM
By Peggy Fender-Martens
Crowded nightmare. Not enough sales people and the ones that are there dont care about helping. I WILL NEVER GO IN THAT STORE AGAIN. NEVER
6/13/2023 5:41:08 AM
By Alaa R
9/9/2018 11:07:56 PM
By Ashton Mitchell
Nice showroom. Non pushy sales people.
6/12/2020 8:43:49 PM
By Birgit Jackson
I didn't like this one as much as the big one off 84th Ave. Very friendly staff though.
12/5/2020 4:08:15 AM
By Jayson Remillard
One of my favorite home furnishings store, Barron was a helpful and speedy salesman, Juan and helper took care of the delivery and now we’re happy as a hippie. Thanks AFW!
4/24/2018 7:41:16 PM
By Amy Watt
Shopping at this store was a great experience. We needed to furnish our family room. We worked with Matt Merola, who is a sales consultant. He was very patient with me as I had already decided on furniture and paid for it. After coming home, I wasn't settled on my purchases. We held off delivery. I went into AFW multiple times and each time Matt would be there to help me. I ended up changing most of my order, but I found exactly what I wanted. This store has a wide selection of various styles, great prices, but most of all, great service!
3/5/2022 2:45:55 AM
By Lynn Munsch
5/12/2019 3:28:38 AM
By chris Norman
Great prices and sales people left you alone until you needed help.
3/31/2022 4:18:33 PM
By Tufale Ashai
Good Sales rep helped me with all my questions. Great Delivery service if you understood the terms of it. And nice furniture too.
3/17/2019 3:49:25 AM
By Ryan Abella
This place is overwhelming, but in a great way. We got nearly all of our furniture here. The showrooms are well laid out and it made purchasing our stuff easy. Delivery was a breeze. They managed to get our couch, dresser, and large coffee table up 3 flights of stairs in the snow. Everything comes pre-built for you and ready to go. Prices were very fair for the quality.
7/13/2021 3:54:50 AM
By Samantha Matthews
12/11/2021 6:20:56 PM
By Josh Smith
2/25/2020 9:26:18 PM
By Boomin Hanna
I would like to recognize an employee of AFW for outstanding service. Ray V. at the Westminster CO store was so helpful and a pleasure to work with. He was very patient with me on my multiple visits to pick out my new apartment furniture. He was extremely knowledgeable and made great recommendations. I work for a large hotel chain, and I understand service is the key to loyal customers. Ray was exceptional, enough so I’m taking time to email feedback. I will be back to AFW in the future because of Ray. Please be sure to recognize him for outstanding service.
1/25/2021 9:22:34 PM
By Gary Haytread
The service from the Wadsworth location was simply amazing. We had an issue with a dining room table that had some manufacturer flaws. We went to the warehouse on Saturday and selected a new style of table and new dining chairs. Received a full credit on the first table and chairs without any questions and our new table and chairs were delivered the following Monday morning. That's less than 48 hrs. Great variety. Great prices. Amazing service.
3/6/2018 1:30:37 AM
By Jordan Friedlander (Bigredboots)
Not sure what was going on the day we were there but customer service was AWFUL. The smug better-than-you warehouse stockers were gathered unmoving like a pack of seagulls. Inside there was no one to help us. Fortunately Estelle at customer service did a great job and helped us fight corporate customer service who denied us a refund because they lied about why their beds snap.. In the end we walked out with a replacement and it was all good.
11/20/2019 6:47:59 PM
By Jaime MeierTalabac
8/24/2017 2:37:11 PM
By Tarek Elmani
Some stuff is pretty inexpensive. Worth checking out if you're in search of furniture. Check for their sale tags.

About This Store

American Furniture Warehouse Westminster, CO

Westminster's American Furniture Warehouse is centrally located off 92nd and Wadsworth servicing Boulder, Broomfield, Arvada and other cities in Colorado's North West region. We have a beautiful front entrance with running water pools. Our open atrium stairwell leads to the upper-level, 108,000-square foot showroom where everything from Traditional, Rustic, and Contemporary styles are conveniently found in vignettes decorated with our one-of-a-kind accessories. Our Patio, Dining, and Home Theatre areas are newly redesigned, while Motion Furniture area, Rug Display, Kids Bedrooms, Home Office showcase today's latest styles. For customer convenience, we offer deliveries seven days a week, and pick-up merchandise is always available at our warehouse. Sales staff at Westminster are knowledgable and can accommodate for our Spanish-speaking customers. We look forward to serving you!