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Conroe, TX 77304
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Store Reviews

(100 reviews)
6/17/2024 5:55:18 PM
By Mallory Howard
Picked up from warehouse …the two boys loading a fully assembled desk (purchased floor model) would not listen to me when I asked them to STOP. I needed to make more room in the vehicle, they continued to force the desk and ripped into the ceiling of my vehicle. They proceeded to force the desk a second time ripping up a part of the seat. They need training!!!!!
6/17/2024 12:40:44 PM
By Brittany Helene
I ordered a chair for my father but when it arrived it was too small for him. It arrived 5/26. I immediately submitted a return request online as they only offer a 30 day window. It took a few days to get a reply in which they asked for pictures. As we have dogs and did not want the chair to get covered in dog hair, we disassembled the chair and wrapped it in plastic. I sent a few pictures of the disassembled chair but admittedly the pictures didn’t showcase the whole piece. I sent a few follow up emails and received no response. As time is running out I sent another email yesterday (6/16) and received a sassy email back stating that pieces were missing and “it wasn’t delivered like that”. So we reassembled the chair and sent pictures again. It has been 22 days and the return window is closing soon. The point of this review is to say be sure the furniture you buy from this store is something you’re not planning on returning because the process is almost impossible. The chair itself is lovely, delivery was quick and the drivers were friendly but trying to return the product has been difficult and I have a fear we will be stuck with a chair that we’ll most likely end up selling.
6/16/2024 3:54:19 PM
By Ashley Holazapfel
These guys are amazing , professional and fast! Everything is exactly how it looked in store it’s beautiful we will be back for more and to the guys who put all the furniture in and set up you guys rock !!!
6/15/2024 12:49:56 AM
By Marc Robledo
6/12/2024 10:08:45 PM
By Blanca Castillo
I'm in love with my purchase and I liked that the sales person was patient with me and not being pushy
6/12/2024 9:50:17 PM
By Susan Hinkie-Holt
Absolute incompetence. Tried to purchase online, called for help navigating the delivery system, was talked into purchasing over the phone so that I’d have a sales person to contact in case anything went sideways. Got contacted by the Alexis in fraud detection because in the process of moving different addresses for paying vs delivery. Wasn’t able to get a human to answer in the fraud department, thank goodness I had a sales contact, right?! Tanner assured me everything was still on and going to be delivered. Day before delivery, no call to confirm, so I reached out to my trusty sales contact Tanner to see why. Transaction cancelled. Will never attempt to purchase anything here again due to the sheer aggravation and will do my absolute best to discourage anyone I know from doing so also.
6/9/2024 8:27:27 PM
By Maria Garcia
Great prices and a big variety!
6/8/2024 5:19:26 PM
By Appolinaire Tchouabe
I purchased three sets lover seat, sofa in brown leather fifteen months ago, but now l am realizing it is fake leather. The surface is degrading and l spent a fortune three thousand dollars.How can you take avantage and sell to people fake stuffs while advertising it is real leather. ? I am so disappointed.
6/6/2024 4:58:54 PM
By Deb Lankford
The furniture is high quality and delivery was fast and easy, and the delivery personnel were very friendly.
6/6/2024 1:08:32 AM
By Tom Mack
Low, low quality merchandise at any price!!!
6/4/2024 3:45:55 PM
By Bryan Morgan
Erin at American Furniture is amazing! She helped us every step of the way in purchasing new furniture. I will be going back in the near future. If anyone needs furniture Erin is the person to see!
6/4/2024 2:54:14 PM
By Valerie Mcgregor
Was told there were plenty in stock for me to recieve my furniture on tuesday which is now today and then the day of delivery a lady calls my husband to tell him they can't deliver because there's none in stock and when he explains to her what the sales man told us about there being 20 of the couches in stock she said oh yeah I see that now well I guess I'll just have to delivery it tomorrow. Horrible customer service horrible service period and horrible communication.
6/4/2024 5:14:03 AM
By M. Vervenne (Don Venni)
Best place for quality at a good price. Bought our 2 set sofa and an entire dining table with chairs here, the total came about $800 lower then most stores with similar or the same items
6/3/2024 5:55:12 PM
By Tom Jenkins
Tanner treated us very professionally. We will definitely be glad to come back and purchase something again.
6/3/2024 1:49:09 AM
By Reshanda Baudy
I purchased a desk and chairs. On pickup day, we saw the chair backs were wrapped in plastic but the seat was unwrapped and would be exposed to outside elements during transport. We asked if the chair seats could be covered also and the guy on the loading dock stated, he couldn't cover it was against policy. Only if purchased off showroom floor, could he wrap. Which totally doesn't make sense since half the chairs were covered already. Whatever happened to customer service/ satisfaction. You would have thought I was asking for something unreasonable. I was only asking for protection for the items I purchased. I will think twice about purchasing anything else from AFW
5/31/2024 5:46:02 PM
By Catrina Clay
5/29/2024 1:06:00 PM
By Nile Barnes
Friendly staff. Top notch job by our guy, Monty. I'll be back at some point, I'm sure.
5/26/2024 7:28:59 PM
By Jennifer Martin
Dan is an exceptional employee. He was very informative and very nice.
5/26/2024 6:26:47 PM
By Priscilla Lafauche
No estoy conforme con la calidad de un sofá marca Ashley que compramos, acá en AFW; el material se está haciendo bolitas, los almohadones se deslizan ,tiene 2 meses y me dicen q es del uso; si algo es BUENO esto no pasa con el Uso. Además me quieren descontar un 15 %; porque no se lo cobran a ASHLEY por poner telas de mala calidad? Estoy decepcionada con la respuesta de Customer service.
5/26/2024 12:42:18 AM
By Damaris Gomez de Rojas
La Sra Haydee me atendió súper bien y me oriento sobre los muebles que necesitaba y me siento muy contenta por esto . Los muebles en este sitio son hermosos y la atención excelente
5/25/2024 7:56:51 PM
By Regina Boyce
5/25/2024 7:57:00 PM
By Candice Mirrielees
Terry is hands down amazing, every time we come in we ask for him because we always get 5 star treatment.
5/24/2024 9:50:15 PM
By Patrice Smith
5/24/2024 1:57:52 AM
By Bennett Dean
The employees here are extremely rude. I full intended to buy a dining room table but due too a poor customer service experience and bad attitude I decided to go to another store.
5/23/2024 1:18:55 PM
By Kim Cones
Easy purchase, salesman was very helpful, delivery guys were prompt, courteous & efficient!
5/22/2024 3:58:13 PM
By Yadileth Inciarte
Es el peor lugar para comprar muebles! Es horrible la calidad, muebles defectuosos! Y llamas a garantía y te dicen que es por uso!!! Cuando recién estas comprando! No recomiendo para nada este lugar, cuando decidí comprar mis muebles estaba buscando comodidad y calidad! Si estás buscando algo de calidad este no es el mejor lugar para comprar! No soy de las personas que califican mal en ningún lugar, hice mi reseña para que otras personas no pierdan su dinero.
5/22/2024 2:08:24 AM
By Miguel Trevino
Michelle was very knowledgeable super nice and professional….
5/22/2024 2:12:53 AM
By Shelise Pearson
Karla Martinez was awesome she was thoughtful helpful and more importantly patient she is the sales person to ask for and Frankie was wonderful in suggesting that I do a Google review Team work makes the dream work See you Karla in a few weeks to get my dinning room set
5/20/2024 4:54:33 PM
By Ernest Dubiel
No Cheaper Price for Quality and In Stock, Delievered Correct item and no Damaged
5/20/2024 2:02:15 AM
By G Fugate
5/17/2024 9:03:31 PM
By Rosa B
I have been shopping here for 7 months now, recommend by my friend. Edward has been very helpful and patient with me as I go through and furnish my first house. The quality is excellent, styles are beautiful, and overrall the staff and delivery people are amazing. I highly recommend before you shop anywhere else, stop here and I promise these prices are definitely the best.
5/14/2024 6:44:56 PM
By C Lewis
AFW has great customer sevice! I want to thank AFW! I made a huge mistake when I purchased a firm mattress,but the co.swapped a medium firm for it and I am very pleased. Thank You so much!
5/11/2024 5:35:23 PM
By Carl Alders
Wow! Was looking for some replacement furniture and decided to check this place out. It is huge! Great staff that makes sure you have assistance...maybe a bit overkill..., but at least they are around for questions/details. Wide variety...even a snack area because you will probably be there for a few hours. Delivery is available to anywhere, reasonable, and quick. Setup is handled by delivery staff and they do a great job. Next time we need furniture items we'll be back.
5/10/2024 7:34:31 PM
By Mac Bennett
Great Service and very polite
5/9/2024 12:16:08 AM
By Bill Smith
We are a nonprofit that provides beds for Montgomery County CPS children without a bed. We purchase many items from AFW and enjoy working with their knowledgeable staff!
5/8/2024 12:19:23 AM
By Diane Schmidt
Wonderful selections, extremely clean store, no pressure sales people who are helpful and friendly, Great prices! 3 options for delivery including rent their van for under $20 for 75 minutes. We love this store!!
5/7/2024 8:14:13 PM
By Catherine Fiona Siemelink
If you’re looking for home goods (furniture, patio gear, carpets, office needs, lamps….) do not buy anywhere else until you have price compared with goods at AFW: the lounge suite we have just purchased was almost twice the price, for the IDENTICAL suite at a competitor (well known) store/brand. Excellent service, great selection and highly competitive prices make this a store we will always return to. Thank you AFW!
5/7/2024 6:44:00 PM
By Amy K
Very careful, and personable crew.
5/6/2024 2:59:48 AM
By TARIQ Iqbal (RAJ)
Easy.friendly.well priced
5/5/2024 9:18:57 PM
By Mark Nutt
5/3/2024 3:59:44 PM
By Zack Stephenson
Absolutely horrible experience. I would never use this joke of a place again. The customer service is absolutely rude and disgusting.
5/2/2024 2:59:12 PM
By Faith S.
We came to find a bedframe and were surprised by the quality. We ended up buying one from here and the transaction was quick and smooth. The delivery was also quick and timely. The guys were nice and careful. We had no issues. In general, always be wary of the quality you're buying. Now a days quality is poor to mediocore. I do recommend AFW for their bedframes, but unsure about their other items.
5/1/2024 9:22:20 PM
By C N
4/29/2024 8:30:21 PM
By Verna Bell
This place is amazing! They have a wonderful selection and absolute great prices. All of the sales staff were polite, professional and very helpful. Patrick was the first salesman that helped me so he completed our transaction with him. He was really helpful, friendly and knew his merchandise well. Thank you everyone for a very pleasant experience!
4/28/2024 4:06:16 PM
By Keana Cannon
I regret to report an exceedingly disappointing experience with American Furniture. Upon purchasing a sectional, it arrived with the chaise missing, despite having paid for full delivery. Despite my insistence that I deserved the complete product, they initially delayed bringing the missing piece for three days. When the chaise finally arrived, it wouldn't attach properly to the rest of the sectional due to misaligned brackets and an unbalanced frame. Despite efforts to rectify the situation, including replacing two pieces of the sectional, the couch remains misaligned and unstable, with disintegrated feet exacerbating the issue. Despite numerous attempts to address the problem, customer service has only offered a technician visit or a partial refund, placing the burden of a structural issue on me. Upon escalating the matter to management, specifically speaking with Anthony, the response was dismissive and condescending. Despite clear evidence of manufacturing defects and a lack of accountability, my concerns were brushed aside, with Anthony insinuating that the flaws were acceptable for mass-produced items. Additionally, the treatment I received during this process, in stark contrast to that of other customers, raises concerns of racial bias. The disparity in treatment based on race is evident, as evidenced by the different experiences witnessed during returns. Despite multiple attempts to find a resolution, the company has failed to acknowledge the gravity of the situation and take appropriate action. Instead of offering a simple exchange or refund, I have been presented with inadequate solutions that do not address the fundamental issue of a faulty product. It is disheartening to encounter such discrimination and lack of accountability in today's society. I implore the company to reevaluate its policies and practices to ensure fairness and equality for all customers.
4/28/2024 3:38:07 AM
By Kessley Williams
Absolutely love this place. Prices are amazing and all staff including the delivery guys were so friendly and helpful.
4/26/2024 12:39:29 PM
By Charlene McHenry
4/25/2024 7:42:07 PM
By Bryant Flick
Great selection, good prices and helpful staff.
4/24/2024 2:34:53 AM
By Taylor McClure
We recently bought 4 pieces of furniture from AFW in Conroe and spent over $3000 dollars with them. Unfortunately when we picked up our furniture for our new house they loaded the wrong boxes for our son's bunk bed. We did not realize until it was halfway put together and it was 4pm on Saturday. I immediately called the customer service number online and was told I couldn't get it fixed for 2 days, I said that was not acceptable and asked for them to speak to a manager and find out how to resolve it by morning. They offered to redeliver the correct bed the next morning so I said ok. The next morning they delivered it to the wrong mom's house. I was never asked for the delivery address. A "customer service manager" named Laura then called my mom and accused us of lying and said that I falsifyed information and gave my mom's name and address. Rather than trying to resolve the issue she just argued with us and said it was going to be impossible to get us the correct bed that day (this is at 9am Sunday). Laura said that we should have never been allowed to pick up furniture purchased with my mother's card without her there and we should have had to send pictures verifying the pieces we had before anything was done with delivery....all of these things were done by their company and had nothing to do with us. The only thing she offered to "fix the problem" was delivery now on Monday morning and I'd have to call out of work to sit and wait for it all morning, or a refund and return the bed we got. Neither of which were an actual solution or help. Laura refused to transfer us to anyone else. Rather than providing any sort of customer service, she only made the situation worse and escalated the problem by having a huge attitude with us and refusing the help. I hung up the phone with her and called the Conroe store the minute they opened Sunday morning and explained how customer service had been no help and all I needed was to get the correct bed, so we had to load the wrong parts and go again to pick up the correct bed. It took us 2 days to get the bed and with no help from customer service, we had to do it all ourselves and solve the entire problem on our own and it was not even our fault in the least. I have never received such poor service and I can not believe this lady is in a managment position. I love my furniture but I will never buy from this company again, soley because of Laura and how awful she was to deal with. If anyone ever calls customer support and gets Laura on the phone, you might as well hang up and try again because I can assure you, she will not help you.
4/23/2024 1:28:29 PM
By Rick Crist
Great experience from shopping to delivery.
4/22/2024 6:17:24 PM
By David Castro
Cheap furniture at cheap prices. But you get what you paid for. Bought an entertainment center. Wouldn’t let us unwrap at pickup. Got home, huge splinter that was just painted over. Cx service said that we should have looked it over. And offered 50$ back on a HUGE blemish. Should have stuck to Star or Gallery furniture. Lesson learned.
4/19/2024 7:01:19 PM
By Paul Tew
Reading all the reviews I can honestly say I've never heard more lame excuses from the owner/management replies. Buyers beware. If you want cheap junk shop here. If you want quality and reasonable delivery times go elsewhere. This place is a joke.
4/19/2024 12:45:15 AM
By Daniel Alviter
My wife and I have bought all of our furniture and one TV from here with no issues. Their delivery personal was very rude from the start. He slammed our furniture during the delivery and assembly process. He slammed our door and damaged it. When we notified him he didn’t care he told us to call customer service.
4/14/2024 9:14:39 PM
By Steve Stokes
Nice office chair selection and prices
4/14/2024 1:25:25 PM
By Daniel Bearman
Great selection and pricing however, be sure if you look on line for an item you call and ask if it is in stock. The online will say you are shopping at a specific store and in stock on an item then when you get in the store it is not in stock at that store but another one and will take two weeks to get. Very deceiving advertising and reminds me of a car dealership. I will continue to shop there but just be aware not to shop on line expecting an item to be in stock without calling first.
4/14/2024 5:15:32 AM
By Antonio Rodríguez Castillo
4/12/2024 10:03:50 PM
By Dr D Ivan Young
These guys are great. Excellent customer service, especially when there's a problem. They take very good care of you after the sale.
4/12/2024 9:51:00 PM
By Iceman
They never have anything available.
4/11/2024 4:35:47 AM
By Michael Kennedy
I stumbled on this place because a mover suggested I look at furniture here and I'm glad I did. Staff is super friendly and knowledgeable I bought a couch two side tables and some chairs everything worked out well there's $79 shipping which is great and they set up your furniture and assemble it. Can't ask more for that. As far as the variety that's entailed it has almost everything that I was looking for and then some variations of leather couches different leather couches The options are kind of endless I highly recommend this to other people
4/10/2024 8:07:00 PM
By Liliana Aguilar
Buenos muebles me compre una silla de masajes y unas mesitas de entrada y están hermosas.
4/9/2024 6:22:38 PM
By K D
4/8/2024 2:27:41 PM
By Danika Dolan
I purchased a kitchen table for $2,000 from American Furniture less than six months ago, and I'm already experiencing issues with the finish peeling off. Despite minimal use in a household of just two adults, American Furniture's response to my concerns—via both phone and email—was to classify this deterioration as normal wear and tear. This is particularly disappointing given that the durability of their products, backed by a warranty, was a major selling point emphasized by their sales team. Unfortunately, it seems American Furniture is unwilling to honor this warranty. Beware that American furniture will not honor their warranty of their products.
4/7/2024 8:33:28 PM
By Irene & John Yoars
4/6/2024 5:15:11 PM
By Dennis Smith
As a former employee this store and service has been outstanding
4/5/2024 6:29:48 PM
By L. Joe Braun
4/3/2024 4:06:31 PM
By Mel J
They have a WONDERFUL selection to choose from, and truly wonderful salespeople who want to sell you what YOU want, not what they think you want. Their prices are absolutely incredible. I am giving 3 stars because after you buy from the salesman at the computer in the furniture warehouse, their customer service department, pick up in store, and delivery is not so great... They aren't rude, just seem to be disorganized. My neighbor also purchased her furniture from this exact location, and their delivery team damaged her front door and entry way so bad it took her two months to repair the damage. She called the store immediately and took pictures to show them the damage, and they essentially told her, "Oops, sorry," and provided no option to remedy the situation despite her buying thousands of dollars from them (she furnished her entire house from their store).
4/3/2024 5:10:28 AM
By Rise Unlimited
One of those companies that hire slaves for under $28 hr to show up, and help me think it’s a nice company to buy nice things. Don’t support this company or others that that promote thought manufacturing and economic coercion to our youths. Time to speak up for these kids. Embarrassing that we have to show up and feel like tipping everyone for being there with a smile. Great job entry level, hang in there, you all deserve raises.
4/2/2024 3:21:29 AM
By P B
This was my first time in the store. The variety was great and prices reasonable. The sales rep was friendly and knowledgeable. Delivery was quick, on time, and a great experience as well. I’ll be back when I need more furniture.
4/1/2024 10:04:29 PM
By David Kocourek
Excellent customer service and value from showroom floor to home delivery.
3/31/2024 6:54:54 PM
By Dana Vazquez
3/31/2024 3:39:37 AM
By Reese S
Shopping at AFW was absolutely the best shopping furniture experience ever and I've bought lots of furniture in my lifetime. Tre the sales person was so knowledgeable, nice, patience, and professional. She was so sweet and patient with my son helping him find the perfect mattress for him . Tre was the best! Will definitely come back there to shop!
3/28/2024 1:13:50 AM
By A G (Matias)
3/27/2024 12:06:58 AM
By Phyllis Jackson Hamilton (Life Coach 4Life)
Great Beautiful Furniture
3/26/2024 2:32:50 PM
By LeJoy
Fantastic customer service. No pressure just lots of good information. Our adjustable bed is great and we got a great price. They have lots to choose from no matter what your budget it. I will shop here again. Word of advice...NEVER buy from Ashley Furniture.
3/25/2024 7:57:59 PM
By Monessa Sabado
3/23/2024 8:49:16 PM
By Carl Carlson
Purchased a great rug at a great price. Saw four other pieces of furniture we're coming back to purchase.
3/19/2024 1:00:03 PM
By Sharon Rolfes
Incredible experience from start to finish. Everyone in the store was willing to help or give us time to shop. I had a huge out of state order for completely furnishing 2 condos. Delivery had the best communication I have experienced. 2 drivers both polite, clean, no smoking, no loud music, extremely helpful and kind. I doubt I will ever shop anywhere else again.
3/18/2024 11:39:21 PM
Good prices and variety. Very helpful associates.
3/18/2024 2:01:11 PM
By Susan Parkes
Friendly staff some good prices
3/16/2024 6:17:06 PM
By marilyn cummings
They have everything you could want!!
3/16/2024 2:50:20 AM
By D R
Erin our salesperson was Amazing and so very helpful and we aren’t done shopping yet for our new home and will use Erin and American Furniture Warehouse again!! Love everything we got and delivery went perfect!!
3/15/2024 1:38:01 PM
By tom fredrick
Excellent service from purchase to delivery.
3/14/2024 8:29:51 PM
By Andrew Wren
The sales rep lied about being available and disappeared. The staff wasn’t able or willing to help, after filling half a house from here they chose to lie about one coffee table. I won’t shop here or recommend anyone to shop here. Hopefully they learn what customer service and honest sales practices are.
3/14/2024 3:07:55 PM
By Sarrah Vasquez
Belinda in sales was AMAZING so sweet and very personable! I ordered my couch on Tuesday and I got here on Thursday. Delivery was awesome! They were in and out in 10 minutes, set it up exactly how I wanted it, cleaned up, and left ALL WITHIN THAT TEN MINUTE WINDOW! It was awesome!! Thanks to the whole team!
3/19/2024 11:33:48 PM
By Courtney Thornton
I highly recommend salesman Frankie Acevedo! He is amazing. Very knowledgeable. He listens and make wonderful recommendations! I can’t say enough about him!
3/11/2024 2:01:40 AM
By Katie
3/9/2024 5:04:11 PM
By Paula Naugle
3/9/2024 7:15:18 AM
By lajoy washington
3/8/2024 5:25:10 PM
By Tamara Sexton
Love this place. Wholesale pricing.
3/5/2024 6:12:34 PM
By Alejandra Labra
Pricing is good, quality on most furniture is good. Would've been a better rating if my salesman Andrew actually cared about clients. He set up the wrong delivery date and when we realized, we called him, he replied with "I don't deal with that, contact shipping department. Hope you enjoy your furniture" Not the response you'd want to hear.
3/4/2024 10:30:02 PM
By Tobe Bashor
Love the furniture. Delivery team was fast, friendly and professional. Love the furniture! Got a kitchen table set and pull out couch.
3/4/2024 2:47:10 PM
By 777 Asian Massage
The price are unbelievable
3/3/2024 5:55:36 PM
By Christina Walker
This place has the worst customer service and sells faulty products!
3/2/2024 5:54:56 AM
By Janet Drones
Great furniture and the service was great@
3/1/2024 3:34:25 AM
By Vic Wheeler
Sales people are not pushy, but they're around if you need them. Prices are great.
2/28/2024 3:52:56 AM
By Ryan M
Just purchased a couch and love seat combo. Power recline. Was delivered yesterday. And now the love seat is broke. Maybe was sat on twice. Extremely disappointed with the product. After what I doesn’t you would have thought it would be of quality. And there is no way to get a hold of anyone at this time.
2/27/2024 6:40:52 AM
By wendy Diaz
Este lugar me encanta primero por qué tiene variedad de precios, desde altos hasta bajos además los muebles son de excelente calidad, y tienen mucha variedad desde colchones camas de todo para tu hogar, enserio me encanta encanta este lugar
2/23/2024 9:44:26 PM
By Jeff M
Thanks Franky for all of your help in locating the perfect desk for my associate! Great talking to you!
2/22/2024 3:14:31 PM
By Lisa Harris
2/21/2024 10:48:35 AM
By T Dub
Cheap furniture but not all that low in price

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