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Conroe, TX 77304
(936) 282-6200 See Store Details


Conroe, TX 77304
(936) 282-6200 See Store Details

Store Reviews

(100 reviews)
2/23/2024 9:44:26 PM
By Jeff M
Thanks Franky for all of your help in locating the perfect desk for my associate! Great talking to you!
2/22/2024 3:14:31 PM
By Lisa Harris
2/21/2024 10:48:35 AM
By T Dub
Cheap furniture but not all that low in price
2/21/2024 1:32:24 AM
By Jazmin Gonzalez
Over all furniture options,styles and prices are good. Haven't received my furniture yet and already having issues with them. We got an email today 2/20/24 @ 12:07 pm w delivery date and time, which the time frame didnt work for us and my husband called and was on the automatic answering machine for a while with out a representative to answer. He called the main store at 1216, to which he was told we need to call 48 hrs prior to delivery for changes. Purchased was made on sunday 2/18/24 and we were told we were going to be contacted to schedule time frame. So if we are not home to receive furniture we'll be charged $40. How can we call 48 hrs in advance when purchase was made about 48 hrs ago?
2/19/2024 9:13:20 PM
By Michelle P Becton
Sales are informative but NOT Pushy. Delivery went smooth. I Definitely recommend them! Will be a returning customer!
2/18/2024 1:23:16 AM
By Cathy Lehmann
2/15/2024 3:57:55 PM
By Davis Reece
Easy to buy and delivery was quick
2/14/2024 3:11:36 AM
By Joseph Townsend
This place is huge. Went there to find a extra-wide recliner. They had a Ashley brand for half Ashley's price. Purchased same for delivery on Thursday.
2/14/2024 2:54:20 AM
By Diego Ortega
5/24/2023 12:35:58 AM
By MsMoody713
I will never buy anything else from AFW! Nice prices furniture seems nice until you get it...bought several prices and pretty much all of it had some sort of defects! I've dealt with them for two months with them coming to my house at least 13 times or more. I paid too much money to accept subpar furniture! I bought a dining room table and chairs with bar stools to match...the chairs and stools were wobbly and i had to get them replaced...the replacements were wobbly as well! Finally got that out the way! Next, I bought a Italian leather sectinoal sofa and a sectional patio set. The patio chair had a broken that replaced! My sectional took at least seven deliveries to get a perfect undamaged set. I know you must be saying why not just get your money back!? Well, I wanted this sofa and they needed to get it right! So they finally did! On top of that, no one called except for the salesman that purchoit from...they could have at least called and apologized. Especially when its your time they're wasting sitting around for three to four hours waiting for damaged products that are damaged or labeled incorrectly! Forgot to mention that they sent an item that wasn't even a part of my guess what I had to wait'd think they'd make up for their mistake! Nope!! I had to wait and tie up another weekend for their mistake! I gave them two stars for the prices and big selection of items at one store!
2/13/2024 11:47:33 PM
By Humaira Aziz
2/13/2024 3:36:23 PM
By Travis Salande - Realtor
We shopped the beautiful Blue Tufted , bamboo feather seat and beige barrel Accent chairs in store and all items were ready within minutes for pick up. This store is Huge, staff is attentive and has tons of options.
2/12/2024 5:18:17 PM
By Janet Bryant
Great prices, good delivery experience. Highly recommend!
2/11/2024 3:14:29 PM
By Race Schwarzbach
Best in Texas
2/10/2024 7:52:13 PM
By Jonathan McCue
The desk I bought didn't have directions and the chair I bought was uncomfortable compared to the one sat on.
2/9/2024 2:45:02 PM
By vijay kumar
2/9/2024 7:32:38 AM
By John West
2/7/2024 2:35:20 PM
By Tamara Gibson
Beautiful Furniture, Great delivery service. Friendly, Professional Delivery team.
1/31/2024 1:19:47 AM
By Carolina C
We had a great salesman Frankie! Great Furniture
1/30/2024 10:33:31 PM
By Nathan Boyd
The first install, not all motors had power in the sofa. The tech came laterand rewired all six motors, and now it works. Thank you!
1/30/2024 2:50:42 PM
By Olivia Kendl
Moved into the area and needed to furnish my whole house. I came a couple different times to see items in person and every time the staff was available and friendly. Sales team was not pushy at all which I absolutely loved! The front desk reps were extremely helpful as well when I had finance questions. On our first delivery the staff was great but we did have one defective item which the company set up another pick up time to replace the defective item. Very smooth process. On two deliveries the drivers were 1 hr -30 mins before the time window which I didn't really mind but wish the tracker would stay up to time with the drivers. I did try to place another order over the phone since I already had the credit with wells fargo, the rep was friendly and we were able to put the order together in under 5 mins since I knew exactly what I wanted but they did need me to come back into the physical store to sign off on the order. I understand for security but not quite sure if online orders have to do the same thing and if that's the case then why have the over the phone and online order options? Overall the in store experience is great and the prices really are the same as Amazon and Wayfair! I recommend this store to everyone moving into my new neighborhood.
1/29/2024 9:35:22 PM
By Chelsey Calvin
I will never do business with this place again. We had our couches almost 3 months and the mechanic thing on the recliner broke. It’s under warranty so they send a tech. 1st email says it will be 4-6 months to get the part in. I pay my couches off then the next email I receive is that my couches are no longer in stock and that I would have to replace them due to them not being able to get the part needed to fix them. GREAT…. So we pick a new set of couches that were a little over $300 less than the couch we went with. They informed me they would refund the difference. It’s been 3 weeks. I called today 3 different times. Not one single person has the same answer and the last person told me he doesn’t know what to tell me that I’m not getting a refund. Cool. Now come get the couches give me my full amount back and I’ll take my business elsewhere.
1/29/2024 5:53:30 PM
By Chris Ross
1/27/2024 9:50:08 PM
By Deborah Lecuyer
I looove this place! We have bought quite a bit of items from here. Helpful staff. Great quality and prices. I wish I had a mansion because I would love to fill it with furniture from here.
1/27/2024 1:45:49 PM
By kathy “Ruby's Mother” patterson
I have made a number of purchases here. On this last purchase, I bought a swivel chair with ottoman. We could not adjust the height of the chair and after several interactions with the store was advised that there was no way to adjust the height. I wrote a review on their website with 2 stars on the item saying it was comfortable but warning prospective buyers about the issue. AFW would not post the review. I now understand why reviews for items are all 5 stars, because it appears they do not post reviews with any possible negativity on their products.
1/26/2024 9:54:22 PM
By Lyudmyla Vasko
I am very grateful to Andrew for his excellent customer service. Great store and great employee. Thanks again.
1/25/2024 12:33:47 PM
By xOverSprayUrFace “OverSprayUrFace” x
Very knowledgeable and kind sales people that are always going the extra mile to help customers. Selection of furniture is organized well and doesn’t make you dizzy looking at their selection. Nicely priced!
1/24/2024 3:21:45 PM
By Rocio Gonzalez
Great experience with the delivery crew, showed up on time and furniture was in great conditions placed where I asked.
1/24/2024 12:29:14 AM
By alejandra valdes mendoza
1/23/2024 1:21:56 PM
By #21 ZHS SR'S 89
Love the variety of exquisite furniture in this beautiful store. Wife was looking for a table and she found it. Also found 2 beautiful high chairs Not to expensive. Will be back next time for Father's Day for sure. Also employees were very respectful and let you browse the store. Thank you American Furniture.
1/20/2024 8:31:11 PM
By john stover
Let me just say love the no pressure sales. But people be aware you get what you pay for!! Bought 2 pieces of furniture & both had gaps in them missing screws & we're offset in certain areas. Will never buy any of there furniture again. Should have just stuck to Ashleys.
1/17/2024 5:03:39 PM
By Tambra Stone
Great prices, sure! But, that is about all. My husband and I spent over 13k in cash for furniture, everything was good (we thought). My husband went back to get a few more things we needed; it was good (we thought). I needed to get a few things to finish up. I signed up for the credit, was approved, went there to use it, the employee messed up my application by imputing the incorrect information, and it locked my application, customer service people could not figure out how to fix it. I got a call from an employee and said they fixed my application and was able to unlock it (after two weeks of it being locked), I drove an hour and half, got to the store and they could not unlock my application. They just could not figure it out, it took them over a month to "figure it out", all they did was reset my application and wanted me to sign electronically for my convenience. No compensation, no I am truly sorry, no nothing, all I got was "I am surprised that we aren't able to fix this, we are working tirelessly to fix this for you". It was never fixed, the only thing they did was reset it, that's all they had to do in the 1st place. Also, the money AFW claims to donate to schools of choice, our school of choice has yet to receive any donations. The recliner we just bought is broken, that recliner is less than 3 months old. I will not be purchasing from this company again due to their lack of knowledge and inaccurate information and poor customer service. Their tech department can't fix anything, they send you furniture that has missing pieces and you have to go through the trouble of getting another one to replace it, the information given is vague.
1/15/2024 8:55:14 PM
By Anita Starling
Great customer service from the young lady who answered the phone today at 2:50pm. Made me feel very good about receiving the item that I didn’t get yet soon. Thanks.
1/15/2024 2:56:20 PM
By vee henry
I purchased a king size bedroom set last week 01/04/2024 got delivered on last Sunday. but the delivery drivers was very rude they damaged my wall up the stairs and all of the furnitures was scratched, they was upset because the pices of furnitures are very salid, so they decided to pull the dresser on my carpet floor, I had to bring it to their attention that they damaging the carpet, when they turned the dresser over it was scratched on both side I refused to take it. I spoke with customers service they same time they was delivering.keep in mine also paid to disposed my mattress they refused to take it , said it was ripped in the back and his manager said not to take it. I have a bad experience with the warehouse furniture company, known it almos set and I haven’t able to sleep in it there’s a strong chemical smell and I try keeping my windows open for 3 day With the cold weather her in Houston and I haven’t had any luck getting that smell out. So I call customer service and explain to them, and let them know that I have suffered from Asthma and bad allergies it took them 3 or more days to get back with to tell me that they will take the entire bedroom set back but I will have to pay 15% back of my total cost. Keep in mind in turning it because of my help issues and I been through a lot with them, one of the customers service man was arguing with me back and forth. Didn’t want to hear what I had to say. They only person that been very helpful and supportive is the sales person by the name Of Franky Acevedo from Houston Texas , and customer service female in the damaged claim department in Colorado. PS: I pay Cash, no credit no payment plan. VIRGILIA CORINEALDI
1/15/2024 3:40:16 AM
By Dianey
Let me know if y’all find my keys. 📞 asap!!
1/14/2024 5:08:58 PM
By Mike Jones
They have a HUGE selection, the service is great, and the furniture is top notch. Just go for fun and walk around, you will get ideas for updating your living spaces.
1/14/2024 1:46:41 PM
By Brandi Avila
1/11/2024 9:54:06 PM
By Christi Jones
One of the best places to buy furniture in Conroe.
1/11/2024 9:19:12 PM
By Megan Milholen
Staff is helpful and patient. You get all the space to shop the massive inventory, without the bother of a salesman hovering. I love that I could find help fast and ask questions without feeling like I was a bother either. The cafe's ready to tide over fussy littles with a snack if you plan to take your time shopping. Furniture is decent quality for price. Purchasing is quick and simple, nothing hidden. Furniture pick up was a bit of a wait, but very organized and easy with a text message system. We used our own truck, but they do have trucks to rent. Would highly recommend.
1/11/2024 4:54:06 PM
By Zachary Page
Daniel you are a Rockstar! My Wife and I are newly weds and we came into American Furniture Warehouse ready to pretty much completely furnish our new apartment. We were walking around for a while, just browsing without much help from anyone and Daniel came out of nowhere with the best attitude and candor ready to help. Daniel helped us the entire time, pretty much waiting on us and was able to navigate us around the store exactly to where we were wanting to go. The process for buying furniture was made so easy with Daniel, that it was as easy as walking around and just saying what we wanted. The experience was so seamless and fun that this is now our go to furniture store. I highly recommend getting your furniture here, great location, great employees, and great deals. Furnished my entire apartment for less than $2000. If you come definitely ask for Daniel, you will be missing out if you don't!
1/10/2024 3:01:19 PM
By Fran Born
1/10/2024 12:52:17 AM
By Mohammed Suhaibi
Great prices and many selections especially for living rooms and bedrooms. I got carpet from the store with very good price
1/9/2024 11:12:09 AM
By Betty F
Great selections and the lowest prices that I could find. We bought a large leather sectional that we will enjoy for years to come. The delivery was 2 days from purchase for $160. The guys set up and demonstrated the product to ensure it was operating properly. Great experience in the end. I had to ask someone for help. I guess I looked like I didn’t have money. Usually I would have walked out but these prices were competitive. Too expensive like all furniture stores but they had the lowest prices.
1/8/2024 1:03:44 AM
By Cathy Stock
Sooo many choices !!!
1/7/2024 10:02:45 PM
By Brian Howard
Buyer be ware. The sales people don’t provide full disclosure and customer service team flat out lies.
1/7/2024 1:31:19 PM
By kimmie crawford
1/7/2024 12:46:06 AM
By Katherine Williams
Amazing prices. Not pushy salesman. And their warehouse delivery people ARE THE BEST! They went above and beyond to get me a chair that didn't wabble!!! So careful with the furniture. And just over all super nice people
1/6/2024 11:39:03 PM
By Dutch American
Huge, many nice furniture to choose from, staff is very nice and helpful.
1/5/2024 12:28:54 AM
By Walter LeBlanc
1/4/2024 7:56:57 PM
By Stephani Klovensky
1/4/2024 7:40:01 PM
By Werner
I took time to shop the major furniture stores and I will likely shop here first now. The store is beautiful, staff (Belinda) helpful without smothering, prices are great , delivery reasonable and good, and product quality is top notch.
1/3/2024 8:35:20 PM
By Rls145 S
1/1/2024 8:37:11 PM
By Sharon Thomas-Baldwin
The young lady at the front entrance was very pleasant and welcoming. I wanted to purchase a recliner and I couldn't find good help. I found 2 but the salesperson from that area disappeared. I went to find another one , but he said he didnt work in that area. He tried to find someone. I was ready to pay cash. It was a recliner for my 94 year old mother. Poor customer service. Sharon
12/31/2023 7:19:42 PM
By Ulises Garcia
Pretty good selection
12/29/2023 5:02:59 AM
By Anoop George
Belinda Goss from Sales was very helpful and she was very professional and provided valuable information in helping me select the right furnitures . She is definitely a big asset to AFW - Conroe
12/29/2023 2:45:09 AM
By Lintel Bravosid
Good quality furniture store, and prices are not too bad. Look for their on sale items
12/28/2023 6:13:35 PM
By Katie Henderson
Great furniture at a great price. They had the same furniture we saw at Ashley's for cheaper. The only reason I couldn't give 5 starts is because we had issues with shipping and we were missing pieces for our bed. Still haven't been able to get a hold of someone from customer service to fix it.
12/27/2023 8:07:01 PM
By John Schweitzer
Go to Gallery
12/24/2023 6:56:43 AM
By vicky nelson
No pressure sales, great prices, handicap access and wheelchairs available for use. Clean , large showroom. Fantastic salespersons.
12/24/2023 3:46:35 AM
By Francis Westerfield
This store has tons of great furniture!! Our salesman Tim Plant was courteous, professional, and knowledgeable about the products he sold. We made a purchase and we were in and out very quickly! This is our new go to store for any furniture needs, and Tim Plant we be the sales person we use for future purchases!
12/24/2023 1:49:16 AM
By Amber Estrada
Dan K & Zane, y'all really stood your ground but I still can’t thank you enough for dealing with my Uncle and I these past few days. He is now extremely happy and enjoying the first half of his purchase, his swivel barstools!
12/21/2023 4:55:21 PM
By kimberly martin
Tim was great in helping me find the perfect dining set before the holidays.
12/21/2023 2:18:48 AM
By Stephen Heil
This was the best experience my wife and I have ever had buying furniture for our new home. Nyle Ortiz made it fun again and we count on coming back again.
12/20/2023 6:26:45 PM
By Ryan Aguilar
Buy a Mattress elsewhere They will find some excuse to not take your mattress and still charge you for the disposal Someone from corp will probably come along to pretend to care but in our experience they’ll just tell you they can’t take the mattress
12/19/2023 7:24:06 PM
By David Atherton
Zane Savin was AMAZING. He helped us through picking out, testing and then purchasing our Massage Chair. He answered all why and even offered a few tips. Very professional and helpful.
12/18/2023 4:50:57 AM
By Mary Zeek
Friendly staff, nice selection of items, good prices. We just went to look around, not necessarily in the market for anything there at the moment. We did see some nice things so whenever we are in the market to update our furniture we will be back
12/16/2023 7:37:02 PM
By Hunter Johnson
12/16/2023 8:15:58 AM
By David Weldon
12/16/2023 7:26:32 AM
By Dustin S
Fantastic furniture with great prices and absolutely prestigious and friendly service!
12/15/2023 1:49:29 AM
By Rebecca Bailey
12/13/2023 5:42:40 PM
By Daniel Simmons
12/13/2023 4:41:42 PM
By David Lobo
12/13/2023 2:52:05 PM
By Roy Willis
Great service, a great selection.
12/13/2023 2:04:07 AM
By M Guard45
I am utterly dismayed and utterly furious about the abysmal service I’ve encountered regarding my recent chair order from your store. The promised delivery date of has come and gone, yet the chairs are nowhere in sight. This incompetence and disregard for promised timelines are not acceptable. Counting on your commitment to deliver on time, I made arrangements based on your assurances, only to be left empty-handed and thoroughly inconvenienced. Your customer service, which should provide clarity and resolution, has been equally disappointing. Each time I’ve inquired about the status of my order, I’ve received nothing but vague responses and zero accountability for the delay. I demand immediate action. I expect a detailed explanation for this unacceptable delay and a firm commitment on when I will receive the chairs I’ve already paid for. Compensation for this debacle is the least American Furniture Store can offer to rectify the inconvenience and frustration caused by this incompetence. I insist on a prompt response and resolution to this matter. If this issue is not addressed satisfactorily, I will have no choice but to escalate this grievance through all available channels, including social media and consumer protection agencies. Your urgency and immediate attention to this matter are non-negotiable. Disappointed and incensed, Don’t buy from American furniture!
12/12/2023 2:47:38 PM
By Edgar Mendez
Great service with great low value items.
12/11/2023 10:00:19 PM
By Jim Kritikos
Had a great experience! Bought Ashley Sofa and Loveseat for literally a third of what I was quoted at an Ashley Furniture Store. The loveseat was on backorder, came in about a week later. They offered to have the sofa delivered separately so that it would come in sooner, but I chose to wait so they would be in together (they offered it at the same price, just didn't need two different deliveries). Great customer service throughout, seriously won't buy furniture from anywhere else. Good job team!
12/11/2023 7:03:51 PM
By Louis Evans IV
They sell furniture. And it’s a nice place. Don’t need anything else from them.
12/11/2023 4:15:22 PM
By Juan Vega
Excellent, experience. Delivery was fast and on-time.
12/11/2023 2:47:56 AM
By Juan Guajardo
12/10/2023 3:47:03 AM
By Elvia Rivera
12/9/2023 11:14:06 PM
By judy beerfeldt
12/9/2023 3:21:17 PM
By Elcinda Tanner
They have gorgeous furniture
12/9/2023 3:15:59 PM
By Lisa Elyea
We purchased an entertainment center with a built in electric fireplace. The quality and price were outstanding. We are very pleased from the salesman to the delivery team. Cannot recommend this store highly enough.
12/5/2023 7:05:29 PM
By Gretchen Bethea
Didn't take old mattress cause of stains. Would of been helpful to know this at time of purchase instead of delivery.
12/5/2023 5:48:48 PM
By Kike Cardoza
12/3/2023 10:17:42 PM
By Armando Cruz
Los mejores colchones y muebles
12/2/2023 4:57:46 PM
By Marcus Reeves
12/2/2023 1:30:35 PM
By Jackie Weathers
This is my go to store.even if I'm not buying anything I just love to go and look.
8/16/2022 2:42:23 PM
By Robin McFarland
Very professional customer service and high quality furniture!
11/29/2023 12:53:07 PM
By Paula Cruz
Delicious comida, personal muy amable, ambiente agradable, que Mas quieres lanzate Para Guadalajara te va a gustar te lo aseguro!!!
11/28/2023 12:33:26 AM
By Lisa Harrington
11/26/2023 7:59:06 PM
By Justin Field
Very poor customer service! My elderly parents bought a bed from the Conroe location. It was supposed to be delivered in 3 days, but it took 4 weeks. It came in a box that had been opened and barely taped together. Then, once we put it together, we realized we were missing the slats that support the mattress. When we called customer service, they said the only thing they could do is exchange it, and we have to disassemble it and send it back. How is it they made all the mistakes but we have do all the work and waste out time! You are better off going to Rooms to Go!
11/26/2023 3:26:46 PM
By Caleb Smith
I've bought furniture here a few times. Quality is always good, the only downside is finding help when you're actually ready to purchase vs that initial hunt down that you get from employees when you first walk in the door.
11/26/2023 4:23:30 AM
By irene portillo
They had a fireplace on sale I always wanted a fireplace so I sent my daughter and she got it the same day within an our thank you American furniture Warehouse
11/24/2023 9:25:14 PM
By Vickye Posey
We really like this store but we've been helped by 2 salesperson who gave me their cards & promised they'd call back if we had a question. I've tried to call them both at different times - no callback. That's poor salesmanship!!
11/24/2023 5:57:01 PM
By Steven Earle
Wonderful experience, Sharon Lang was a great help. Fast and speedy checkout we were on our way within minutes
11/24/2023 10:51:39 AM
By Kayleigh Short
The store was organized and was not overly stocked or crowded with furniture.
11/21/2023 7:40:39 PM
By Katie H
If you are in the market for furniture. AFW has the largest selection with unbeatable prices! After shopping everywhere Rooms To Go, Bel, Conn’s, Ashley’s, Gallery, you name it we went there. We ended up back at AFW. Ask for Tre, she was phenomenal! She answered all questions and even questioned we did not think about. She was knowledgeable, thorough, great personality! Made sure we understood all the fine print and discussed additional fees up front. There were no surprises or last minute items to come up. Tre made great recommendations and gave ideas from a different perspective. She handled all of our back and forth bouncing around. We had that poor girl walking circles. She never complained or made us feel like we were a burden. She made no pressure for us to buy. Tre literally felt like part of the family shopping for furniture with us! Even if pricing was higher, I would still bring my business back to AFW simply for Tre! She was so awesome we even felt the need to speak with a manager and let him know how great she was! They always get the negative feedback when the positive feedback needs to be acknowledged just as much! Go see Tre for all your furniture needs and wants!
11/21/2023 1:47:59 AM
By Justin Weiss
Awesome store with great prices. Definitely recommend
11/20/2023 8:04:43 PM
By Mike Toti

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