How to Paint a Textured Accent Wall

How to Paint a Textured Accent Wall

Refresh your space this spring with a textured accent wall. This DIY technique is budget friendly and isn’t overly time consuming. Follow these five steps and wow your friends and family with your design skills!

Supplies you will need:

1. Grass broom
2. Paint for your accent colors

Paint Set

Unsure of what your accent colors should be? Reference the color wheel for matching colors starting with your base coat. For cool colors, consider blue, grey, and white. For warm colors, think orange, yellow and white. For monochromatic, stick to shades of one color (light, medium, dark).
Color Wheel

1. Start with your base coat.

For this project, we started with a yellow base coat on a paneled wall.

Base Coat

2. Prep your broom.

Knead and fan out your grass broom to get it ready for painting.

Broom Fan

Tip: You will apply your colors based on the tone of your furniture. For example, if you are using cool colors and have light colored furniture, start with your lighter color at the top of the wall and your darker colors at the bottom of the wall.

3. Start with your top color.

Apply the color with your broom from the top of the wall and work your way to a little more than half way down the wall.

    4. Make each stroke uneven and fan your brush out as your paint.

    If you have any drips, make sure you go back over the area.


    5. Apply your second color.

    Start and fan out from the bottom and continue up the wall.

    Second Color

    If the bottom of the wall is too dark from your second color, fan the lighter color over it to brighten it up.

    Finished Textured Accent Wall:

    Finished Wall

    Bringing it all together

    Now that you have finished painting your textured accent wall, it's time to bring in your furniture and to add a few wall decor pieces to complete your look.

    Living Room

    Since we started with warm colors, we stayed with that theme and looked to the area rug and throw pillows for inspiration for our accents. A simple way to coordinate your accents is to pull accent colors from whatever hue your furniture is. In our case, we stayed with our warm colors to add deep browns, blacks, greys, and whites in our wall decor pieces. The cocktail and end tables blend perfectly with the area rug.

    Walldecor Home Accents

    Painting a textured accent wall is a creative and simple way to update your space and to try something new! Browse our selection of home accents to help inspire your new look.