Blogger Spotlight | The Dawn of Design

Blogger Spotlight | The Dawn of Design

No one knows better than Shauna from that decorating a small space on a tight budget can be challenging. Yet, this proud Colorado mom has mastered the art of creating affordable, stylish, and functional rooms, regardless of the square footage. When she decided to makeover her dining room for Easter and her patio for spring, she partnered with AFW and employed all of her skills in small-space decorating to accomplish her final look.

Shopping our wide selection of home decor, Shauna was able to create two cozy, boho styles that are perfect for springtime. Read on for a few helpful tips and tricks on how to decorate a small space on a budget and to learn about the pieces she used.

LAYLA GREY SETTEE  HAPPY PLACE 20X20 PILLOW  dirty khakis 14x26 pillow ”oval 

green metal accent table  white metal lantern set of 3 metal wall planters  aloe plant

Layla Grey Settee | | Happy Place Pillow | | Dirty Khakis Pillow | Oval Ridged White Vase |
| Metal Accent Table | | White Metal Lantern | |  Metal Wall Planters | Aloe Plant

A Springtime Patio and Easter Dining Room Makeover

I’m so excited to share with you that I have had the honor of partnering with a company that I love and have only grown to love more through this process. American Furniture Warehouse has been so great to work with! I already had multiple furniture pieces of theirs but had never taken much of a look at their home decor. That was a silly mistake because their decor is crazy affordable and so cute! From farmhouse to contemporary, to traditional, glam and mid-century modern, they have it all.

I worked AFW to freshen up my home and give my small space a spring update! Like many city dwellers, I live in an apartment and have the world's smallest patio. It. Is. TINY! However, I've learned that with a little know-how and love you can make any space, regardless of the size, into a home....and you can do it on a budget! Below are a few of my favorite tips on picking out furniture and décor for small spaces on the cheap! 

The Dawn of Design
Unify Your Style. When you have a small space the decor in the kitchen needs to go with the decor in the living space and etc. so those pieces can move around and make for an easy refresh without costing you anything. If your bedroom vibe is the same as your living room vibe you can easily move around pillows, throw blankets, and picture frames for an effortless new look that doesn't cost a dime. 

The Dawn of Design

Find Furniture That Works for You. When you're shopping for furniture and larger pieces for your home, make sure to measure your space first so you know the exact size of the space you're buying for. There are many options these days for smaller spaces so research and don't settle for pieces you don't love! Another key with furnishing a small space is finding pieces that are multi-functional, because storage is KEY in a small space. For example, you can use an old trunk as a coffee table and use it to store blankets; or you can use a storage bench at the end of your bed to tie your room together, provide you with a place to sit, and as a space to store clothes, shoes, or spare sheets! 

The Dawn of Design

Get Your DIY On. Always look in the clearance sections. There is usually nothing wrong with these pieces, the store just needs to get rid of them to make room for new. Don't be afraid to re-purpose/DIY pieces. Spray paint is my best friend and can give decor new life for just a few dollars. I did this with the gold table on my patio from AFW. That table was originally blue but it was a great price and the perfect size for the space but wasn't the color I needed it to be, so I bought it and sprayed it gold!

The Dawn of Design

It’s my mission to show others that no matter the size of your space that you live in, you can make any space a HOME and you can do it on a budget. I promise, because I've done it! 

To see more of Shauna's unique small-space style, visit her Instagram!