Top Five Halloween Home Decor Accent Pieces

Top Five Halloween Home Decor Accent Pieces

Originally posted on October 10, 2015 - price and availability of particular products mentioned in this post may have changed.

Fall has arrived and with it comes cooler temperatures, all things apple and pumpkin, and, of course, Halloween. It is one of our favorite seasons at American Furniture Warehouse because there's a new chance to ghostly home decor inside and out with our large selection of accent pieces and accessories. Here are our five favorite Halloween pieces for your home that can also be used year-round to decorate every room in different ways. Of course, now they will help you create your haunted house masterpiece on Saturday.

Halloween Home Decor

Halloween decor

Dempsey Hanging Lantern

The lantern mounts to the wall and is perfect for creating the barely-lit spooky environment Halloween is known for. The rest of the year It's a great way to display your favorite scented candle. It's also a great piece to use when you walk through dark, haunted spaces. Think Jonathon Harker in "Dracula."

Glass Bowl on Iron Stand

Glass Bowl

The glass bowl on an Iron Stand makes a great table top centerpiece to serve your tasty treats year-round. You could throw people for a loop by incorporating the unexpected. Hey, That's what makes Halloween fun.

Galvanized Planter

Galvanized Planters

The planters would be great for Halloween decorations or fall plants. If you get really creative, you could paint up some friends and make it look like your own horror movie. They would be perfect for a makeshift haunted house.




Adding cowhide to your party space will not only bring another layer to your floor, but also an interesting conversation piece as you build your home decor theme. Picture the rug in a dark, cold English castle in front of a crackling fireplace.


Faux Fur Throw

Black Faux Fur Throw

Blankets add the dark and scary accent to your living room decor for Halloween (could have someone hide underneath it to scare people), while also providing a soft, warm blanket for the rest of the year. These are just a few of the many different home decor and accent pieces you will find in our 14 stores and online to help you create the perfect Halloween home. If you need help finding the best pieces for your vision, make sure to ask any of our professional sales staff in red shirts. They can help you find all the finishing pieces you need to create your look before the big day arrives.